1. public international law
    body of laws governing relationships between nations
  2. punitive damages
    (also exemplary damages) compensation designed to punish the breaching party for conduct found to be reprehensible, e.g. fraud
  3. pupillage
    (UK) one year of apprenticeship to become a barrister, which follows the completion of the Bar Vocational Course
  4. pur autre vie
    estate granted only for the life of someone other than the grantee
  5. quasi-security
    similar to security, except the creditor has actual ownership over the property while the debtor only has possession. In case of default, the creditor can simply take back possession of the property. Serves the same purpose as security, but is not recognised by the law as such.
  6. quorum
    number of shareholders or directors who have to be present at a board meeting so that it can be validly conducted
  7. race relations
    social, political or personal connections with and between people with different distinguishing physical characteristics
  8. real estate
    land and any permanent things attached to it
  9. real property
    land, including anything attached to it
  10. reasonable reliance
    dependence on a contract which is considered fair, sound thinking or common sense
  11. reasonably prudent person
    (also reasonable person) fictitious person used as a standard for legal reasoning in negligence cases
  12. reciprocity
    refers to the practice of a country extending privileges to subjects of another country if its own subjects are extended the same privileges
  13. redundancy dismissal
    (UK) termination of an employee's employment contract because their position ceases to exist (US layoff)
  14. Registrar of Companies
    (UK) officer in charge of keeping the list of limited companies registered at the Companies House
  15. regulation
    order controlling through rules or restrictions
  16. rejection
    refusal to accept an offer
  17. release
    to discharge a person from an obligation
  18. relevant market
    area in which effective competitive constraints may be imposed. There may be two relevant markets in anti-competitive analyses: the product market and the geographic market. It is determined by examining in which market an undertaking can raise prices above the competitive level without being unprofitable.
  19. reliance damages
    compensation for losses incurred by the plaintiff due to his dependence on the contract being performed
  20. remaindermen
    person who is entitled to what is left of an estate after the life tenant dies and the parts of the estate that are handed down in his will are carved out
  21. remedy
    means of preventing, redressing or compensating a violation of a right
  22. rent
    payment made by a tenant to a landlord or landlady for the use of property
  23. respondent
    see defendant; in a court case, the person who a petition ( a formal letter to the court requesting a particular action) is made against, especially in a divorce case: She divorced the respondent on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
  24. restitution damages
    compensation which is equal to the amount of money the breaching party received under the breached contract
  25. right
    interest that is recognised and protected by law
  26. right of fair use
    (US) defence to a claim of copyright infringement whereby permission from the artist is not required so long as usage of that artis's work is reasonable and limited (UK The concept of fair dealing is the closest equivalent; however, fair dealing is more restrictive than the US doctrine of fair use and in order to be protected, the use has to fall in one of several categories.)
  27. rights issue
    offer to existing shareholders to purchase additional new shares in the company
  28. salaried partner
    person who is a member of the law firm partnership and is paid by regular salary payments
  29. sale by sample
    sale by which the seller provides an example of the goods to the buyer which then leads to an understanding that the rest of the goods will be of the same standard as the example
  30. Sale of Goods Act
    (UK) Act governing the sale of goods in the United Kingdom
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