1. indefinite
    vague, not certain, not determined
  2. infringement
    unauthorised use of material protected by copyright, patent or trademark law
  3. inheritance
    property which is transferred upon death to a person designated as an heir
  4. injunction
    official order from a court for a person to do or stop doing something
  5. injured party
    party that has suffered a violation of its legal rights
  6. Inn of Court
    (UK) one of four institutions that barristers must join in order to practise law as a barrister
  7. inquisitorial system
    a judicial system in which the judge(s) conducting the trial decides the questions to be asked and the scope of the case
  8. insolvent
    unable to pay one's debts
  9. instrument
    written formal legal document
  10. intangible property rights
    legal interest or claim in things which cannot be touched or felt
  11. intended beneficiary
    person who was planned to benefit from a contract but is not party to that contract. As a result of this, this person obtains rights to enforce the contract
  12. intent
    desire/willingness to act in a certain way
  13. inter alia
    (Latin) among other things
  14. international convention
    an agreement between nations, similar to a treaty but usually relating to non-political or non-commercial matters; written agreement between states or nations governed by international laws
  15. international law
    laws that concern relations between countries (= public international law) and laws that concern private transactions and disputes between parties from different nations (= private intemational law /conflict of laws)
  16. invoke
    to rely upon a certain law, principle or rule in order to support an argument or position
  17. ipso facto
    (Latin) by that very fact itself
  18. issue
    to produce or provide something official
  19. issued share capital
    shares of a company that are held by shareholders
  20. ius quaesitum tertlo (IQT)
    right acquired by a third party to a contract between two other contractual parties (also jus quaesitum tertio)
  21. judge
    public official who hears and decides cases in court
  22. judge-made law
    (also case law, common law) body of law formed through judicial/court decisions, as opposed to law formed through statutes or written legislation
  23. judgment lien
    lien imposed on a person against whom a judgment has been entered but remains unsatisfied
  24. judicial lien
    security interests arising as a result of court proceedings brought by the creditor to secure an interest in the debtor's property
  25. Juris doctor
    (US) law degree (UK LLB)
  26. jurisdiction
    power of a court, authority or other official body to decide a legal case or to make an order; 2) extent of this power; 3) territory in which this power exists; 4) area in which a particular legal system operates; 5) system of law courts that make up a particular legal system
  27. juvenile court
    court that hears cases involving children under a certain age
  28. lack of legal capacity
    absence of ability of a person to enter into contractual relations, sue or be sued
  29. Land Registry
    a government agency responsible for the registration of title to land
  30. landlord
    person who owns property and either rents or leases it to a tenant for profit. The female form is landlady.
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