1. general damages
    (also actual damages) compensation for proven injury or loss
  2. genuine occupational qualification
    limited circumstances where sex or marital status may be used as a job requirement
  3. global firm
    law firm that employs hundreds of attorneys from all over the world
  4. good faith
    state of mind whereby a person has an honest conviction that they are observing reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing
  5. good title
    title that is valid and free from defects such as liens, litigation or other encumbrances
  6. goods
    items of personal property other than money (US good can be used in the singular)
  7. grantee
    person to whom a grant of property is made
  8. grantor
    person who transfers a property right or other benefit to a recipient (grantee)
  9. hard norms
    informal term referring to binding international treaty provisions
  10. harmonisation
    act of bringing the laws of multiple jurisdictions in line with each other
  11. hereditament
    property which can be inherited; also refers to land in general
  12. high court
    (UK) court which hears serious civil cases and appeals from county courts; (US supreme court)
  13. holder
    person that has legal possession of a trade mark
  14. holder in due course (HOC)
    person who acquires a negotiable instrument in good faith
  15. holder of title
    person who owns the right to control and dispose of a particular piece of property
  16. holiday entitlement
    right of an employee to take paid time off from his/her employment
  17. horizontal merger
    combining of two or more firms which are at the same level in the economic supply chain
  18. hostile takeover
    situation where a company attempts to buy another company against its wishes
  19. id est (i.e.)
    (Latin) that is
  20. illegality o fthe subject matter
    when the matter under consideration in the contract is unlawful and therefore unenforceable in a court of law
  21. immaterial breach
    breach of contract after which the non-breaching party is still required to perform its contractual obligations and may be entitled to damages
  22. immovable property
    land, buildings or other permanent objects fixed to land
  23. implied contract
    contract whose terms have not been specifically outlined, but rather are presumed
  24. implied warranty
    guarantee that is implied by law rather than promised by the seller
  25. impose
    to introduce a rule, tax, punishment, etc. that must be obeyed, paid or accepted; to give someone a task or a duty, especially an unpleasant one or one that they do not want to do
  26. in rem
    (Latin) against a piece of property (rather than a person)
  27. in the course of business
    regular mode of conduct or routine of a trade
  28. incidental beneficiary
    person who was not planned to benefit from a contract and is also not party to that contract. This person does not gain any rights under the contract.
  29. incorporate
    to include the provisions of something (e.g. a convention) as a part of something larger, such as a system (e.g. national legislation)
  30. incoterms
    set of international sales terms used as a standard between buyers and sellers to apportion costs and risk between them
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