1. disclaimer
    repudiation or denial of a legal right or claim
  2. disclaimer of warranties
    statement which limits the liability of the seller for any defects of their goods
  3. discriminatory dismissal
    termination of an employee's employment contract based on a prejudice or bias
  4. dividend
    distribution of company profits to its shareholders
  5. domestic law
    national or internal law of a country, as opposed to international law; 2) another term used for family law
  6. domiciled (to be -)
    to live somewhere on a permanent basis or, if a legal person, to have a registered office somewhere
  7. draft
    to produce a piece of writing or a plan that you intend to change later
  8. drawee
    person in a bill of exchange who conducts payment or is directed, or ordered to make payment; often a bank
  9. drawer
    person in a bill of exchange who orders payment
  10. duress
    unlawful threat or coercion used to force someone to enter into a contract
  11. duty
    obligation owed or due to another by law
  12. duty of care
    obligation of a person to act with reasonable caution or prudence, the violation of which results in liability at law
  13. easement
    right enjoyed by a person other than the owner of a piece of land to use or control that land, or a part of that land. No property rights are conferred upon the person using the land of another. An example of an easement is crossing a part of another's land in order to access a public road.
  14. economic efficiency
    economics term that refers to the optimal production and consumption of goods and services
  15. employment tribunal
    judicial body that resolves disputes between employers and employees
  16. endorsement
    (UK) writing. including signature, on the back of a document which allows for the transfer of the instrument (US indorsement)
  17. enforceable
    capable of being made effective. In the case of an agreement, it is one in which one party can legally compel the performance of the other party.
  18. enforceable right
    interest the law gives effect or force to
  19. entry of appearance
    written notice of appearance during a hearing which provides the respondent's full name and contact details, as well as a statement of opposition to the claim, including the grounds upon which it is opposed
  20. escheat
    reversion of land to the state if the land owner dies without a will or without any heirs
  21. essential term
    provision required for a contract to exist
  22. et alii (et al.)
    (Latin) and others
  23. et cetera (etc.)
    and other things of the same kind
  24. exclusions
    a provision which eliminates coverage of specified items
  25. exclusive possession
    sole use and benefit of a property
  26. exclusive right
    sole power or privilege under the law
  27. execution lien
    lien created when a debtor's assets are seized for the purposes of enforcing a judgment
  28. exemplary damages
    see punitive damages; an amount of money that someone who commits an offence has to pay, which is intended to be large enough to prevent them or others from committing similar offences in the future: He is demanding exemplary damages for breach of privacy.
  29. exempli gratia (e.g.)
    (Latin) for example
  30. expectation damages
    (also benefit of the bargain damages) compensation for the loss of benefits that a person would have received had the contract been performed
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