1. certificate of deposit
    certificate issued by the bank acknowledging receipt of money and promising to pay it back; a promissory note issued by a bank
  2. certificate of Incorporation
    document issued by a governmental authority granting a company status as a legal entity
  3. Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name
    (UK) certificate issued by Companies House when a company wishes to change its name. A copy of the special resolution of the company authorising a change of name must be submitted to Companies House along with a fee.
  4. cheque
    (UK) a signed written order by its maker directing a bank to pay a specified sum to a named person or to that person's order on demand (US check)
  5. choice of law
    determination of which jurisdiction's law applies
  6. civil law
    legal system developed from Roman codified law, established by a state for its regulation; 2) area of the law concerned with non-criminal matters, rights and remedies
  7. claimant
    (UK) person who brings a civil action (US) plaintiff
  8. clerk
    (UK) court employee who takes records, files papers and issues processes; (US) also a law student who assists a lawyer or a judge with legal work such as research or writing
  9. collateral
    property pledged as security for repayment of a debt obligation
  10. collective bargaining
    process of negotiation between trade unions (or labor unions) and employers, usually regarding the terms and conditions of employment
  11. comity
    principle that one country or jurisdiction will recognise the laws, decisions and legislation of another country or jurisdiction as a matter of courtesy and respect to that country
  12. commercial lease
    lease entered into for business purposes, e.g. to sell products from, as opposed to private purposes, e.g. residential lease
  13. common law
    (also case law, judge-made law) body of law formed through judicial/court decisions, as opposed to law formed through statutes or written legislation
  14. Companies House
    (UK) institution where all limited companies in the UK must be registered. It is an Executive Agency of the UK government Department of Trade and Industries (DTI).
  15. competition law
    (UK) body of law that regulates business activities and markets, especially agreements and practices that limit competition (US antitrust law)
  16. complaint
    first pleading filed on behalf of a plaintiff which initiates a lawsuit, setting forth the facts on which the claim is based (civil law)
  17. compulsory winding-up
    (UK) liquidation of a company after a petition to the court. usually by a creditor (US involuntary bankruptcy) International Legal English Second edition
  18. conciliation
    process of bringing together the two sides in a dispute, often employment related, to discuss the problem and reach a settlement
  19. confer
    to grant, to bestow
  20. conflict of interest
    clash between a person's personal interests and their public or fiduciary responsibilities
  21. conflict of laws
    (US) private international law
  22. consensual
    agreed to by all parties
  23. consensual lien
    security interest created by agreement between the debtor and creditor
  24. consequential damages
    see special damages; Damages claimed and/or awarded in a lawsuit which were caused as a direct foreseeable result of wrongdoing.
  25. consideration
    something of value given by one party to another in order to induce the other to contract. In common law, consideration is a necessary element for an enforceable contract.
  26. consolidation
    combining of two companies to form an entirely new company
  27. constitutional amendment
    change in a company's name, capital or objects
  28. Contract of Sale
    written contract expressing the terms and conditions of the sale of land agreed to between the buyer and seller
  29. contract template
    model agreement with particular items to be filled in
  30. conveyance
    transfer of property rights in land from one person to another; an instrument used to transfer title to property
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