Consumer Beh ch 6

  1. Household
    Consists of all the people who occupy a housing unit 
  2. Family Household
    having at least two members related by birth, marriage, or adoption, one of whom is the householder
  3. Nonfamily Household
    householder living alone or exclusively with others to whom he or she is not related.
  4. Family decision making
    • the process by which decisions that directly or indirectly involve two or more family members are made
    • often compared to organizational buying decisions
  5. How families interact in a purchase decision is largely dependent on the.......
    • culture and subculture in which the family exists
    • the role specialization of different family members
    • the degree of involvement each has in the product area of concern
    • their personal characteristics of the family members
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Consumer Beh ch 6
Consumer Beh ch 6