Government: Test 1

  1. Who's Aristotle? 
    greek philosopher who set the stage of what good/bad government is.
  2. who's Baron Montesquie?
    famous for checks and balances
  3. what's the magna Carta?
    system of common law which everyone needs to follow.
  4. who's John Locke?
    person who introduces the idea that people can overthrow the government if they act in any unjust action.
  5. 3 key points that make George washington importnant.
    • 1. leading general who won the american revolution.
    • 2. president of the constitution of convention
    • 3. president of U.S for 2 terms. (8 years) with Hamilton as sidekick.
  6. what's federalism?
    a government shares powers with state gov. and central government.
  7. who's thomas jefferson?
    wrote the decleration of independence. Became the 3rd president.
  8. what's the great comprimise?
    established a bicameral branch.American government would have two houses in Congress: the Senate where each state has two Senators, and the House of Representatives where each state has a number of Representatives based on population.
  9. who's A(djutant) Alex hamilton. (3 key points)
    ge was an adjutant. became the 1st secretary of treasury. Payed off 80 mil dept with help of george washington. opened the 1st national bank.
  10. who's james madison?
    father of the constitution. 4th and shortest president 5'4
  11. what's the supreme law land?
    U.S. constitution.
  12. what are the three branches of government and what do they do?
    • judicial - interprets laws
    • legislative - makes laws
    • executive - enforces laws. 
  13. what's popular sovereingty? 
    all power and rulers come from the people. (came from john locke) 
  14. what's checks and balance?
    have 3 branches of government separate and check each other to see if one doesn't become a tyrant.
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Government: Test 1
Government: Test 1