Spanish Ch 7.2 English to Spanish

  1. to lose weight
    bajar de peso
  2. to look for a hobby
    buscar un pasatiempo
  3. head
    la cabeza
  4. to walk
  5. neck
    el cuello
  6. fingers
    los dedos
  7. to stop smoking
    dejar de fumar
  8. to hurt
    doler (ue)
  9. It's because/just that...
    Es que...
  10. to be bored
    estar aburrido(a)
  11. to be tired
    estar cansado(a)
  12. to be happy
    estar contento
  13. to be sick
    estar enfermo
  14. to be nervous
    estar nervioso(a)
  15. to be sad
    estar triste
  16. stomach
    el estómago
  17. throat
    la garganta
  18. to do yoga
    hacer yogo
  19. My...hurt(s)
    Me duele(n)...
  20. hands
    las manos
  21. ear
    el oído
  22. feet
    los pies
  23. What's wrong with you?
    ¿Qué te pasa?
  24. What's the matter with...?
    ¿Qué tiene...?
  25. to eat a balanced diet
    seguir (i) una dieta sana
  26. to feel
    sentirse (ie)
  27. to gain weight
    subir de peso
  28. Te duele algo?
    Is something hurting you?
  29. to have a cold
    tener catarro
  30. You don't look well.
    Te veo mal.
  31. You shouldn't....
    No debes...
  32. too much
  33. to get enough sleep
    dormir lo suficiente
  34. so many sweets
    tanto dulce
  35. so much fat
    tanta grasa
  36. neither
  37. To take care of your health,
    Para cuidarte la salud,
  38. To take better care of yourself,
    Para cuidarte mejor,
  39. so much
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