chapter 43

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  1. what is an orthopedics
    diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the musculoskeleteal system and deals primarily with the bones
  2. what is an rheumatologist
    specialize in treating inflammatory joint disorders
  3. what is a chiropractor
    doctors of chiropractic (DC) but are not medical physicians
  4. muscle spams cause
    cuased by heavy exercise and muscle fatigue, but they also can be caused by dehydration,hypothyroiddism, lack of calcium or magnesium,kidney failure, and alcoholism.
  5. treatment for muscle spams
    massage,direcrt pressure, ultrasound therapy, stress reduction, strecthing exercise, and miscle relaxants
  6. what is a fracture
    a fracture is a break or crack in a bone that generally is the result of trauma or disese
  7. treament for fracture
    look on page 906
  8. osteomalacia
    softening of the bones. it is caused by either a lack of vitamin D or problems with its metabolism.
  9. ssymptoms of osteomalacia
    reduced endurance,easy fatigability, malaise, and generalized bone tenderness and pain
  10. what is osteomalacia in children called
  11. treatments for osteomalacia
    vitamind D, calcium and phosphorus supplement
  12. osteoporosis
    on page 906
  13. sc
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