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  1. octreotide
    • somatostatin analog
    • USES: acromegaly, prevention of gigantism, carcinoid syndrome, ruptured esophageal varices
    • AE: GIT problems, gall stones, B12 deficiency, CV problems
  2. bromocriptine
    DA agonist D2
  3. cabergoline
    DA agonist
  4. somatropin
    recombinant human GH
  5. pegvisomant
    MOA: GH antagonist, decreases IGF-1, GH remains high
  6. mecasermin
    recombinant IGF-1
  7. conivaptan
    vasopressin antagonist
  8. oxytocin
    • induce and augment labor after cervix has ripened
    • control post partum hemorrhage
    • improve milk ejection
    • AE: cardiac arrhythmias, CNS stimulation, excessive uterine contractions
    • CI: fetal distress, abnormal fetal presentation, CPD
  9. propylthiouracil
    • MOA: thioamides inhibit hormone synthesis by inhibiting thyroid peroxidase
    • USES: grave's disease
    • short t1/2, needs to be given 2-3 times a day. reserved for use during 1st trimester, thyroid storm, and those experiencing AD
  10. methimazole
    • MOA: thioamides inhibit hormone synthesis by inhibiting thyroid peroxidase
    • USES: graves disease
    • more potent and longer acitng than propylthiouracil, single daily dose, preferred for long term tx
  11. FGF23
    • produced by osteocytes
    • secretion is stimulated by calcitriol and increased serum PO4
    • decreases renal absorption of PO4
    • inhibits formation of 1,25(OH)2D
  12. sevelamer
    • non absorbable polymer that binds intestinal PO4 preventing its absorption and decreasing serum phosphate levels
    • used in pts with renal failure on dialysis
    • AE: mainly GI symptoms - N/V
  13. cinacalcet
    • secondary hyperparathyroidism due to chronic kidney disease
    • parathyroid carcinoma
    • sensitizes the CaSR to serum Ca changing the set point between the level of Ca and the rate of secretion of PTH
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