chapter 14 vocab

  1. alphabetic filing
    any system that arranges names or topics according to the sequence of the letters in the alphabet
  2. alphanumeric
    relating to systems made up of combination of letters and number
  3. audit
    a formal examination of an organization's or individuals accounts or financial situation, a methodic examination and review
  4. augment
    to make greater, more numerous, large or more intense
  5. caption
    a heading, title, or subtitle under which records are filed
  6. chronologic order
    arranged in or according to the order of time
  7. continuity of care
    continuation of care smoothly from one provider to another so that the patient receives the most benefit and no interruption in care
  8. dictation
    the act of uttering words to be transcribed
  9. direct filing system
    filing system in which material can be located without consulting an intermediary source of reference
  10. gleaned
    gathered bit by bit
  11. indirect filing system
    a filing system in which intermediary source of reference must be consulted to locate specific files
  12. microfilm
    a film with a photographic record of printed or other graphic matter on a reduced scale
  13. numericĀ  filing
    the filing of records, correspondence or cards by number
  14. objective information
    information gathered by watching or observing a patient ( information provided by the physician)
  15. obliteration
    the act of making undecipherable or imperceptible by oscuring or wearing away
  16. OUTfolder
    a folder used to provide space for the temporary filing of materials
  17. OUTguide
    a heavy guide used to replace a folder temporarily removed from the filing space
  18. power of attorney
    a legal instrument authorizing a person to act as the attorney or agent of the grantor
  19. pressboard
    a strong, highly glazed composition board resembling vulcanized fiber, heavy card stock
  20. procrastination
    intentional postponement of doing something that should be done
  21. provisional diagnosis
    a temporary diagnosis made before all test results have been received
  22. purging
    the process of moving active files to inactive status
  23. quality control
    an aggregate of activities designed to ensure adequate quality, in manufactured products or in the service industries
  24. requisites
    entities considered essential or necessary
  25. retention schedule
    a method or plan for retaining or keeping medical records, as well as their movement from active to inactive, to closed filing
  26. shelf filing
    a system that uses open shelves rather than cabinets for storing records
  27. shingling
    a method of filing in which a report is laid on top of the older report, resembling the shingles of a roof
  28. subjective information
    information gained by questioning the patient or taking it from a form
  29. tickler file
    a chrononlogic file used as a reminder that something must be dealt with on a certain date
  30. transcription
    a written copy of something made either in long-hand or by machine
  31. vested
    granted or endowed with a particular authority , right, or property , to have a special interest in
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