1. fortify (v)
    to strengthen
  2. fortitude (n)
    strength, bravery
  3. fortuitous (adj)
    lucky, occurring by chance
  4. foster (v)
    to stimulate, promote, encourage
  5. frenetic (adj)
    frenzied, hectic, frantic
  6. gape (v)
    to open the mouth and stare stupidly
  7. gluttonous (adj)
    insatiable in appetite
  8. goad (v)
    to urge, to provoke into action
  9. gourmand (n)
    one who likes eating and drinking
  10. grandiose (adj)
    extraordinary, grand in scope
  11. gregarious (adj)
    sociable, outgoing
  12. grotto (n)
    a small cave or cavern
  13. guile (n)
    deceitful actions or behavior
  14. hail (v)
    to come from
  15. hapless (adj)
  16. harmony (n)
    agreement, often of sound
  17. harrowing (adj)
    agonizing, distressing
  18. hedonist (n)
    one whose primary pursuit is pleasure
  19. henchman (n)
    a trusted follower, goon
  20. hiatus (n)
    an interruption in continuity, a break
  21. hiemal (adj)
    wintry, relating to winter
  22. hierarchy (n)
    a ranking system of groups or individuals
  23. histrionic (adj)
    excessively dramatic or emotional
  24. idolatrous (adj)
    worshiping excessively an object or person
  25. illusory (adj)
    deceptive, produced by an illusion
  26. immaculate (adj)
    impeccably clean, spotless, pure
  27. immutable (adj)
    not susceptible to change
  28. impecunious (adj)
    excessively poor
  29. impervious (adj)
    unable to be penetrated, unaffected
  30. impudent (adj)
    rude, improper
  31. inaniloquent
    pertaining to idle talk
  32. incessant (adj)
    without interruption
  33. incisive (adj)
    clear, sharp, direct
  34. inclement (adj)
  35. inclination (n)
    a tendency, propensity
  36. indictment (n)
    accusation of wrongdoing
  37. indignation (n)
    anger due to an unfair situation
  38. inextricable (adj)
    hopelessly confused or tangled
  39. infuse (v)
    to inject
  40. ingenious (adj)
    marked by special intelligence
  41. inimical (adj)
    hostile, threatening
  42. iniquity (n)
    a wicken act, a sin
  43. innate (adj)
    inborn, native, inherent
  44. innocuous (adj)
  45. inquisitor (n)
    someone who asks questions or makes an inquiry
  46. inundate (v)
    to flood
  47. invariable (adj)
    not susceptible to change
  48. invective (n)
    a verbal attack
  49. inveterate (adj)
    habitual, natural
  50. irascible (adj)
    easily angered
  51. jubilant (adj)
    joyful, happy
  52. judicious (adj)
    a sound judgment
  53. juvenile (adj)
    young or immature
  54. juxtapose (v)
    to put next to each other
  55. labyrinthine (adj)
    intricate, maze-like
  56. laceration(n)
    a cut, a rip
  57. lachrymose (adj)
  58. lade
    verb form of "laden; to burden something
  59. lamprophony
    loudness and clarity of voice
  60. latent (adj)
    present but hidden
  61. laud (v)
    to applaud or praise
  62. laudatory (adj)
    admiring, praising
  63. lavish (adj)
  64. lethargic (adj)
    sluggish, weary, apathetic
  65. lewd (adj)
    vulgar, offensive, rude
  66. libel (n)
    a statement that gives an unjust or unfavorable representation of a person or thing
  67. licentious (adj)
    amoral, lawless, lewd
  68. limber (adj)
    bending or flexing readily, pliable
  69. limpid (adj)
    clear, easily understood
  70. linchpin (n)
    something that holds seperate things together
  71. lithe (adj)
    graceful, flexible, supple
  72. loquacious (adj)
  73. lull(n)
    a relatively calm interval, as in a storm
  74. luminescence(n)
    light from non-thermal sources
  75. magnanimous (adj)
    generous, noble
  76. malaise (n)
    vague feeling of discomfort
  77. malevolent (adj)
    having intent to harm others
  78. malicious (adj)
    malevolent, harmful
  79. malign (v)
    to slander, to smear, to libel, to defame, to speak evil of
  80. malleable (adj)
    easily shaped or formed
  81. mandatory (adj)
    required, not optional
  82. manifest (v)
    to show clearly
  83. manifold (adj)
  84. masticate (v)
    to chew
  85. matrimony (n)
  86. maudlin (adj)
  87. maxim (n)
    a common saying of advice or virtue
  88. meager (adj)
    lacking in quality stature
  89. meditate (v)
    to intervene, to arbitrate, to sort out
  90. melodramatic (adj)
    exaggeratedly emotional or sentimental; histrionic
  91. mendacious (adj)
    inclined to lie or mislead
  92. mercurial (adj)
    quick and changeable in temperament
  93. meritorious (adj)
    deserving of praise or merit
  94. metamorphosis (n)
    a change of form, shape, substance
  95. mimic (v)
    to imitate, to copy
  96. misogyny (n)
    hatred of women
  97. modicum (n)
    a small amount of something
  98. mollify (v)
    to soften in temper
  99. mores (n)
    moral attitudes
  100. morose (adj)
    gloomy or sullen
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