Vocab 10/01/2012

  1. Scorching
    • scorch·ing
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: something hot
    • Dictionary: burning; very hot
    • Antonym: frozen
    • Synonym: scornful; nasty

    The scorching water burned me.
  2. Envious
    • en·vi·ous
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: feeling envy; wishful
    • Dictionary: the experience of envy; resentful
    • Antonym: content; confident
    • Synonym: jealous; yearning

    I was envious of my cat when I saw her sleeping before I went to school.
  3. Slump
    • slump
    • Part of Speech: verb / noun
    • Own:
    •       verb - to slide or slip
    •       noun - bad period of time       
    • Dictionary:
    •       verb - to drop or fall suddenly
    •       noun - a decline or collapse in business
    • Antonym: boon; increase
    • Synonym: descent; recession

    I slumped down the huge, dangerous slump, and it really hurt.
  4. Mingle
    • min·gle
    • Part of Speech: verb
    • Own: to join or put together in a mixture
    • Dictionary: to mix or combine together; to unite
    • Antonym: disjoin
    • Synonym: mix; merge

    The rich man mingled with all the female guests.
  5. Ancient
    • an·cient
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: something very old
    • Dictionary: of a long time ago; very old
    • Antonym: modern; new
    • Synonym: antequated; antique

    In 30 years, will they call "Oldies" Ancient?
  6. Exertion
    • ex·er·tion
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: an effort or hard work
    • Dictionary: use influence or power
    • Antonym: idleness; laziness
    • Synonym: apply; labor; stretch

    The exertion from lugging around my backpack was enough to make me faint.
  7. Gingerly
    • gin·ger·ly
    • Part of Speech: adjective
    • Own: in a cautious way; carefully
    • Dictionary: with great caution or care
    • Antonym: careless; rash
    • Synonym: delicate, safe

    My mom gingerly removed all the knots in my hair.
  8. Culture
    • cul·ture
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: the quality in a person or society
    • Dictionary: the characteristics of a society
    • Antonym: 
    • Synonym: customs; manners

    American culture is very different and diverse compared to anywhere else.
  9. Civilization
    • civ·i·li·za·tion
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: any type of culture or society
    • Dictionary: the state of being or becoming civilized
    • Antonym: barbarism; primitiveness
    • Synonym: sophistication; refinement

    My brother told me that the first civilization was Mesopotamia.
  10. Dissolve
    • dis·solve
    • Part of Speech: verb
    • Own: melt from solid to liquid; mix in; to undo or break up
    • Dictionary: to make a solution of; mixing with a liquid
    • Antonym: concentrate; unmix
    • Synonym: liquefy; soften; evaporate

    I saw the Mentos dissolve into the Pepsi just before it exploded.
  11. Solvent
    • sol·vent
    • Part of Speech: adjective / noun
    • Own: 
    •      a - able to pay all your debts
    •      n - able to dissolve another substance
    • Dictionary:
    •      a - having enough to pay all debts
    •      n - a substance dissolved in another
    • Antonym: solute
    • Synonym: solid; stable

    In a salt water solution, water is the solvent.
  12. Solute
    • sol·ute
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: a substance dissolved in another substance
    • Dictionary: the substance dissolved in a given solution
    • Antonym: solvent
    • Synonym:

    In a cup of chocolate milk, the syrup is the solute.
  13. Element
    • el·e·ment
    • Part of Speech: noun
    • Own: 
    • Dictionary: matter that is made of only one kind of atom
    • Antonym: 
    • Synonym: component; ingredient

    Water, one of the four elements, is made up of two elements!
  14. Compound
    • com·pound
    • Part of Speech: noun / verb
    • Own:
    •      n - chemical change made up of two or more parts or elements
    •      v - to combine; to make up
    • Dictionary:
    •      n - a substance made of two or more elements
    •      v - make difficult; complicate
    • Antonym: 
    • Synonym: combo; fusion

    Salt is a compound of Sodium and Chlorine.
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