Sustainable Urbanism Part II

  1. Infill sites 
    • Land that had been previously used 
    • opposite of greenfield sites 
  2. High Intensity
    • focus on urban context 
    • urban fabric is strong and preexisting 
    • considers existing content 
    • constraints from the built environment 
    • incrementalism
  3. low intensity
    • focuses on rural context 
    • urban fabric doesn't exists as much 
    • more freedom 
    • constraints from nature 
    • regionalism 
  4. Jan Gehl 
    • known for turning copenhagen into a bicycle friendly community
    • incrementalism  
  5. Jane Jacobs 
    Promoted grassroots, organic, neighborhood based process to rehabilitate urban buildings 
  6. LULU's 
    • Locally Undesirable Land Use
    • factories placed near poorer neighborhoods 
  7. misconceptions of density 
    • population-high density means different things depending on location 
    • the design of a city can drastically change the perception of density 
  8. mixed use  
    • having a mix of public and private uses 
    • shops homes and restaraunts all close to each other 
  9. neo-traditional development 
    Another term for new urbanism 
  10. office and business parks 
    tracts of land dedicated to business where it is very isolated from other features of the city 
  11. low order 
    •  the guiding hand where you let things work itself out 
    • disorder is ok 
    • variety of aesthetic standards 
  12. high order 
    • more hands on 
    • disorder is controlled 
    • standards of beauty are more objective 
  13. permeability 
    • how well people can travel through an area 
    • walkable areas with good transitt would be very permeable 
  14. Peter Calthorpe
    • Chicago based architect founded of the congress for new urbanism which promotes sustainable building practices
    • Wrote The Regional City 
  15. physical antecedents of new urbanism
    • 1. housing subdivisions 
    • 2. shopping centers designed for more car use 
    • 3. office parks built in suburbs 
    • 4. civic centers became oversized and uninteresting 
    • roadways used to connect to subdivisions
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