Unit 3

  1. what ws the first part of the elizabethan Period of the fifthteenth century
    English Reformatiom
  2. What name was the elizabethan period called because of the rebirth of culture associated
    Eng;ish Renaussance
  3. what was on of the names that the Elizabethan Period was named because it was rule by the tudor monarchs
    Tudor Age
  4. and what was the period called because of queen elisabeth 1
    Elizabethan period
  5. who was able to unify England in a peaceful, prosperous reign
    Henery VII
  6. further the proresrant reformation
    Henry VII
  7. who was reigniung when England developed into a world power second to none
  8. who translated the entiire bible into the english language
    John Wycliffe
  9. who printed the fisrt version of the English New Testiment
    William Tyndale
  10. who published the first printed version of the entire english Bible
    Miles Coverdale
  11. what was the bible called
    great Bible
  12. who came to the thrown when he was only 9
  13. one of Henry's daughters that was a roman catholic
    mary tudor
  14. who was called bloody mary
    Mary tudor
  15. when did they make the King James Version of the bible
  16. what did they call the Elizabethtan periond durind the era where england experienced revived interest in greek and roman litertature
    English Renaisance
  17. the most significant fact that the Renaissance came at the same time as the
    Reformation in England
  18. new literary art forms
  19. th first utopia of english literature was written by
    sir thomas More
  20. not to be paralleled in either quantity or quality burst forth
    Lyric peotry
  21. what was a romanic allegory
    fairy queen
  22. wrote the first piece pf literary critisism
    Sir Phillip Sidney
  23. made its way into the stream of iliteration.
  24. The literary genre which reached its zenith during the Elizabethtan Period however was
  25. continued to be enjoyed by a popular audience but the emphasis of drama and gradually became more seculare the religious
    medeval mystry, miricle, and moarity
  26. The correspondence of sounds
  27. The regular recurrence of sounds
  28. The repetition of the accented or stressed vowel sound and all succeeding sounds in words which come at the ends of line of poetry
    End rhyme
  29. In a line of poetry consisting of one accented syllable
  30. one or two unaccented syllable is called a
  31. unrhymed iambic pentameter
    blank verse
  32. a form of literature written in prose or a combination which portrays life or character
  33. aid in producing the play and help the reader visualize the setting of scenes by giving details of time, place…
    stage direction
  34. the speeches between who or more characters or all the speeches of the play taken collectively
  35. a speech by one character alone
  36. a character either directly addresses the audience or another character to comment on the action
  37. actual movements and speech of characters performing or “acting out” situations on the stage
  38. are the persons who perform the action
  39. who are the who main characters
    protagonist (hero) antagonist (opponent)
  40. the arrangement of events
  41. what is the order of a five act
    introduction, Action rising, crisis, fallen action, catastrophe
  42. introduces the characters and conflict and provides the necessary background
  43. consists of all the events that advance and complicate the action until it mounts up to the turning point or crisis where the action changes its course
    rising action
  44. all turning point is the on make up of the
    falling action
  45. the final outcome or resolution where all the loose ends are tied up
  46. dramas have been divided into two dramas
    tragedy and comedy
  47. is more than just a play that ends unhappily;
  48. character are usually important figures such as kings or rulers in their most exalted moment
    tragic character
  49. deals with the universal question of life such as the nature of justice and the destiny of man
    tragic theme
  50. a play that ends happily
  51. are trivial and everyday detail of life
    comic event
  52. are not exalted but are people of lesser importance than their tragic counter parts
    comic character
  53. deal with man;s imperfections, vices and weaknesses
    comic themes
  54. after two centuries the Elizabethan period turned into
    Modern English
  55. is a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter woth a definite pattern of two basic varieties
  56. has two parts, an octave and sestet, which represent a division in though
    Italion sonnet
  57. is made up of three quatrains, and a couplet and rhymes abed, cdcd, efef, gg
    English or shakespearean sonnet
  58. who is the greatest writer of all time because of hios effective portrayal of human nature and the universality of his themes
    William Shakespeare
  59. where were william shakspeare plays performed
    the globe
  60. who wrote under the greenwood tree
    william shakespeare
  61. who is silvia is written by
    william shakespeare
  62. sigh no more was written by
    william shakespeare
  63. who wrote take, oh, those lips away
    william shakespeare
  64. when icicles hang by the wall was written by
    william shakespeare
  65. who wrote the tempest
    william shakespeare
  66. hark! Hark! the lark was written by
    william shakespeare
  67. what were the sonnet we looked at the were written by william shakespear2
  68. who wrote macbeth
    william shakespeare
  69. what was banquo sons name
  70. who was killed at the end of macbeth
  71. what person does lady mcbeth portray
  72. what does macbeth say his head is filled with
  73. what was the king that was murdered in macbeth
  74. "fair is foul and foul is fair"
  75. "srew your courage to the stickung place"
  76. "double double toil and trouble"
  77. what story was a powerful study of ruin of a human soul
  78. what was macbeth first sin
    in is mind when he though of murder
  79. who is at first a morally upright man who will only support macbeth if he can keep a clear conscience
  80. wha tcharacter would do nothing dihorable and remain loyal to the king
  81. who is not forced to comit the murder but exercises his free will as he kill the king
  82. the story of macbeth illistrates what bible verse
    james 1:14-15
  83. what is the plays language in macbeth
    irony,paradox, imagery
  84. what theater has the capacity over two tousand poeple
    the globle
  85. descirbe the globe theater
    it had an opening at the top, octaganl shape, three stories
  86. where did the people perform where there was a curtain
    a inner stage
  87. on inner stage on the second floor was called
  88. on the thrid floor of the inner chamber was
    musicians gallery
  89. bhind the stage area is
    tiring house
  90. at the top over the stage area was the hut
  91. whos drama is known for varity of tyupes, universality of themes, memorable hcaracters and beautiful poetry
    shakespeare drama
  92. who played the charcters in shakearean drama
  93. what was shakespearen plays language like
  94. whose play contain many subplots, many character
  95. how many act did shakespeare have in macbeth
  96. to give variety and depth to the tragic action
    comic relief
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