Alecander II

  1. Compared to his fathers militaristic mentality, Alexander had a ______ mentality
    A liberal Mentality
  2. What nickname did Alexander earn
    Alexander the Liberator for Liberating the Serfs
  3. Why did he want to liberate the serfs
    His first hand glimpse at the struggle they lived during the Crimean War
  4. Why was it good for the state to emancipate the serfs
    the state was becoming increasingly responsible for them with gentry borrowing money
  5. What percent of the state was in servitude, what fraction did the state hold account for
    about 50% and 2/3
  6. How did the state approach the emancipating of serfs
    At fisrt with small reforms, but by the mid 19th century they were experiencing frequent uprisings
  7. From whom did alexander II recieve heavy backlash from
    members of the court and imperial family, and elite class people saying serfs shouldn't hold the same legal rights
  8. Why was emancipation a mixed blessing for the serfs
    Conditions after emancipation depended on circumstance, agriculture serfs got land, households serfs didn't. And the costs of being free couldn't be met
  9. About how many people did Alexander II liberate
    about 50 million
  10. Why was the redistribution of land problematic
    unsustanible size of plots, poor land quality, lacking of natural resources, surplus of labor and unemployment
  11. What reforms was Alexander II responsible for
    Bringing in western judiciary practices (trail by jury) and creatino of the zemstvo a modernized form of local government, and modernizing of the military with a random draft
  12. Alexander II faced nationalist revolts from which countries
    POland, Lithuania, and Belorussia
  13. Russian radical groups began to mimick western movements like which groups
    Slavophilism, Marxism, nihilists, and Jacobins
  14. How did these radical groups think they could bring change to russia
    With assassination and violence, after several tries, they finally kill Alexander in March 1881
  15. What was the 1877 war with Turkey about
    repression and massacre of Balkan people under ottoman rule
  16. To who and for how much did Russia sell Alaska
    Sold Alaska to U.S. in 1867 for 7.2 million dollars
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