S4M1 endo buzz

  1. endocrine amyloid and psammoma bodies
  2. keratin-8
    cell marker for GH producing tumor
  3. basophilic, PAS + tumor cells
    ACTH secreting corticotroph adenoma
  4. Order of decline on pituitary tumors
    GH (i dont feel good), FSH/LH (libido gone), then TSH and ACTH (dangerous)
  5. low GH and IGF-1
    isolated GH defeciency
  6. GH- r defects=> high GH and low IGF-1
    Laron syndrome (primary GH resistance)
  7. KAL-1 and FGFR-1 defect
    Kallman syn= GnRH deficiency
  8. PITX2 mutation=> iris hypoplasia, eccentric pupils, etc
    Rieger Syndrom
  9. yellow- brown, cholesterol rich fluid (machine oil) with Utah shaped cholesterol crystals
  10. TRK, MET or RET mutation in thyroid tumor
    papillary cn, may present as LN metastasis in the eck
  11. Psammoma bodies in a thyroid tumor
    papillary cn of thyroid
  12. orphan annie (optically clear nuclei)
    papillary cn of thyroid
  13. coffee bean nuclei
    papillary cn of thyroid
  14. thyroid cn that can metastasize to bone
    follicular cn of thyroid
  15. PAX8 and PPARgamma gene mutation
    follicular cn of thyroid
  16. amyloid lakes in thyroid tumor 
    (will show apple green biferengence under polarized light when stained with congo red)
    • medullary (C cell) cn
    • associated with Ret mutation in all cases of MEN II
  17. Hurthle cells
  18. marked hyperpyrexia
    thyroid storm
  19. extremely tender thyroid
    • DeQuervains subacute granulomatous thyroiditis
    • will NOT take up I-
  20. foreign body granulom with giant cells
  21. rock hard neck mass
    riedel thyroiditis- fibroplastic collagen proliferation
  22. excessive widening of growth plates
    suggestive of rickets
  23. principal trigger for 2 hyperparathyroidism
  24. rugger-jersey spine
    dx of osteodystrophy associatid with hyperPTism of chronic renal failure
  25. tunneling resorption seen on XR
    osteocytic fibrosa cystica
  26. intraosseous accumulation of Giant cells and osteoclasts with brown color
    Brown tumor of hyperPTism
  27. GNAS1 mutation
    leads to pseudohypoPTism- G protein defect can not carry out PTHs signal
  28. urinary cAMP fails to rise in response to PTH admin
    pseudohypoPTism, inability of cell to respond to PT b/c of G protein mutation
  29. bradydactyly (shortening of 4th and 5th MC==> shortened digits, as well as dimpling of the knuckes and shortening of distal phalyn of thumb)
    most reliable sigh pf pseudohypoparathyroidism
  30. use of Vit D related drugs
    2 hyperPTism, hypoPTism and pseudohypoPTism
  31. use for cinacalcet
    1 and 2 hyperPTism
  32. drugs for hypercalcemia of malignancy
    pamidronate and zoledronic acid (bisphosphonate)
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