BCA 512 - Chapter 6

  1. What arer the big four networks?
    • 1. ABC
    • 2. CBS
    • 3. NBC
    • 4. Fox
  2. UPN , Wb pax, Telemundo, Univision are all examples of __________ ___________ ____________?
    1. Commercial broadcast networks
  3. What is the basic goal of network advertising and promtion departments?
    1. Maximize audience sampling
  4. What are two ways of maximizing audience sampling?
    • 1. On-air promotion
    • 2. Advertising incorporated in an annual cycle of network promotional events.
  5. Why do broadcast network promtion require a total marketing approach?
    1. Because of increasing competition
  6. ________ _________ first phase of the total marketing approach, includes photo sessions, web publishers, talk show exposure and plugs on radio
    1. Publicity buildup
  7. What are the phases of the marketing approach?
    • 1. Publicity buildup
    • 2. On-air campaign
  8. How much time does an on-air campaigh start  in advance of the air date? In advance of the premier?
    • 1. 4 weeks before the air-date
    • 2. 10 days before the premiere
  9. When producing on air campaigns, what are the basic questions that need to be answered for viewers?
    1. What who and when of network promotion
  10. When is the where of an on air campaign important?
    1. When it is airing on local channels.
  11. _________ _________ measure the effects of network promotion in major population areas?
    1. Overnight ratings
  12. True or False.
    All shows can be equally promoted?
    1. False.
  13. ____________ can identify a shows strongest appeals, isolate the best way s or reaching specific audiences.
    1. Research
  14. Name a criteria for choosing prime-time shows...
    1. Prime time shows can be easily promoted
  15. Promotional creativity comes in the _______ of promos and ads.
    1.  How
  16. A ________ is a 30-second piece of video.
    1. Clip
  17. What is the creative challendfor on -air promotion?
    1. The ability to discover, write and produce original promotional concepts that motivate people who have not seen a show.
  18. A __________ is when a promo stands out for the clutter.
    1. Breakthrough
  19. __________ is when promos share the screen with a program's closing credits.
    1. Spit-screens
  20. __________ __________ is when there is no break between adjacent shows.
    1. Seamless programming.
  21. Screen version snipes flash the name of upcoming programs at the bottom of the screen in the middle of the shows currently being watched.

    True or false?
    1. True
  22. Animated automatic titling , combined a flashing______ with ______ and an animated figure or video of a star's face.

    True or false?
    1. Network name, Motion
  23. When it comes to cross promtion, what are the responsibilities of Promotion executives?
    • 1. Choosing the place to cross-promote.
    • 2. Deciding how often to cross-promote.
  24. What principles guides the network promotion executives?
    • 1. Ensuring that promos for new shows are best located in well-established programs
    • 2. Those shows for which a network has the highest hopes should receive the most frequent cross-promotion
  25. What are the 2 factors that make promos effective?
    • 1. Placement
    • 2. Frequency
  26. _____________ is when a network can organize an image campaign around a thematic symbol.
    1. Branding
  27. A ______ decision, is when a network identifies itself in every promo for all kinds of shows on every page of its website.
    1. Branding
  28. In editing and producing promotional spots for various time periods both the ______ and the _____ of spots are critical functions.
    1. Content, scheduling
  29. A _________ is a specific promo for the next show inserted with the previous show OR a spot for the next episode of teh same show inserted in the previous episode.
    1. Cross-plug
  30. A _________ cross-plug is for the next time period.
    1. Vertical
  31. A ________ cross-plug is for the night night or week.
    1. Horizontal
  32. What is the strategy behing vertical network cross-plugging?
    1. To begin building toward that peak audeince at the start of prime time.
  33. True or False?

    Multiple spots contain stacked promotion for more than one program?
    1. True
  34. The mind cannot absorb information in _______ seconds, the usable amount in most 30-second promos.
    1. 23
  35. Typicall how many shows are promoted in a 30-second multiple spot?
    1. 2-4
  36. _________ ___________, when the network supplies the materials and pays half the cost of the add?
    1. Co-op advertising
  37. Most co-op dollars are spent promoting the "________ _______" in the prime-time schedule.
    1."Almost hits"
  38. _________ __________, promotes local newscasts adjacent to network news programs.
    1. News co-ops
  39. ________ ________, are intended to get the greatest number of people to sample as many of a network's prime-time shows as possible.
    1. Fall campaigns
  40. When do the networks unleash scores of promos ?
    1. About 8-12 weeks leading up to the show's debut.
  41. Most networks run a total of 100 to 200 spots
  42. What do networks use their websites for?
    • 1. Promoting their programs
    • 2. Marketing tie-in merchandise
    • 3. Getting feedback from viewers
  43. What factors reduced the size of the toal work audience?
    • 1. The development of programming from newer networks, 2. The rise of cable viewing,
    • 3. The time lost to web surfing and video games
  44. What is the purpose of advertising television programs.
    • 1. To Promote the programs
    • 2. To Create a general interest in the medium among viewers and potential advitisers.
  45. _______ are heneric print ads adapted by affiliates into local stacked ads and tune-in ads for newspapers and program guides.
    1. Slicks
  46. In radio, Promtional information is best delivered in the early morning.

    True or False
    1. False, in the late afternoon
  47. Why is promotional information best delivered in the late afternoon on radio?
    1. Because that's when the audience decides what to watch that evening on television
  48. Standard promotional practice is to assure the piblic that a news organization is _______, ________ and __________.
    1. Reliable, competent and knowledgeable
  49. How does the network and the affliate both benefit from promoting news in a unified campaign tying the national and local newscasts together?
    • 1. The network encourages flow its its evening news
    • 2. The affiliate gets rub-off prestige from the association for its local news team.
  50. True or False?

    The network pays for the entire media costs for ads that feature a combination of local and network news( news co-ops).
    1. False the network pays for HALF the media costs for ads that feature a combination of local and network news.
  51. One key advantage of having a news division is that it helps promote the entertainment division
  52. _________ memorability is the key to tune-in promotion.
  53. Television occupies only ___________ moments in time
    1. Ephemeral( short-moments)
  54. ________ impact has to be instantaneous.
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BCA 512 - Chapter 6
BCA 512 - Chapter 6