Order Fulfillment

  1. When we create a sales order, in which table data is stored in SAP?
    • VBAK - for header level
    • VBAP - for item level
    • VBEP - for schedule line level
  2. What are the criteria for account determination?
    • Chart of accounts
    • Sales organization
    • Account assignment group for payer
    • Account assignment group for material
    • Account key
  3. What happens when you receive a payment from a customer?
    • Credit posting to customer's receivables account
    • Debit posting to the cash account
  4. What are the effects of posting a billing document?
    • Debit posting to customer's receivables account
    • Credit posting on revenues account
    • Sales statistics is updated in SIS
    • Status is updated in all SD documents
    • Customer credit account is updated
  5. What are the effects of goods issue?
    • Reduces inventory stock
    • Posts the value change to stocks in inventory accounting
    • Reduces delivery requirements
    • Enters status information in the delivery
    • Updates document flow
    • Creates a working list for billing
  6. When the goods issue is posted, what is carried automatically in the system?
    • The quantity in inventory management and the delivery requirements in material planning are updated
    • The value change in the balance sheets account for inventory, accounting document is posted.
    • The system creates further documents fo financial accounting
    • The billing due list is generated
    • The status in al relevant sales documents is updated
  7. What are the indicators for partner determination procedure?
    • Account group level (customer master)
    • Sales document header level
    • Sales document item level
    • Delivery level
    • Shipment level
    • Billing document level
    • Billing document item level
  8. Where can you assign the incompleteness procedure?
    • Sales document type
    • Item category
    • Schedule line category
    • Partner functions
    • Sales activities
  9. What are the shipping relevant functions completed at order level?
    • Shipping point determination
    • Route determination
    • Scheduling
  10. Where's the storage condition field located?
    Material master / tab Plant Data Storage 1
  11. What are the documents that require mandatory reference?
    • RK - Invoice correction request
    • SDF - Subsequent delivery free of charge
  12. What are the times the system takes into consideration for forward scheduling?
    • Pick/pack time
    • Transportation lead time
    • Loading time
    • Transit time
  13. Where's the dangerous goods indicator profile?
    Customer master / tab Basic 2
  14. What are the criteria used by the system to determine the schedule line category?
    • Item category
    • MRP type
  15. If you don't input sales area during order sales creation, where from the system will derive it?
    Sold-to party
  16. What are the item categories for FD (delivery free of charge) or SDF (subsequent delivery free of charge)
    KLN or KLX
  17. What are the document types and the item categories for the consignment process?
    • Consignment fill-up: KB / KBN
    • Consignment pick-up: KA / KAN
    • Consignment issue: KE / KEN
    • Consignment returns: KR / KER
  18. What are the relevant tabs for SD on material master?
    • Basic 1
    • Sales organization 1
    • Sales organization 2
    • Sales General Plant
    • Foreign Trade Export
    • Sales Text
  19. What are the major criteria for collective picking?
    • Shipping point
    • Selection date
  20. What are the dates taken into consideration for shipment scheduling?
    • Order date
    • Material staging date
    • Transportation planning date
    • Loading date
    • Goods issue date
    • Delivery date
  21. What are the relevant organizational units for SD?
    • Company code
    • Sales organization
    • Distribution channel
    • Division
    • Plant
    • Storage location
    • Shipping point
    • Sales office
    • Sales group
  22. Where the document flow is maintained?
  23. What are the criteria for collective invoice?
    • Sold-to party
    • Payer
    • Billing date
    • Destination country
    • Terms of payment
  24. What is the item category type, billing type and output for cash sales?
    • BVN
    • BV
    • RD03
  25. Which organizational units are exclusive for SD functions?
    • Sales organization
    • Distribution channel
    • Division
    • Shipping point
  26. What are the common characteristics to combine different sales orders into on outbound delivery?
    • Ship-to party
    • Shipping point
    • Delivery due date
    • Route
    • Incoterms
  27. How do you determine the busines area?
    • Plant + Item division OR
    • Sales organization + Distribution channel + Item division
  28. What are the common characteristics for the system be able to combine several outbound deliveries into one billing document?
    • Sold-to party
    • Payer
    • Billing date
    • Destination country
    • Terms of payment
  29. Where do we have indicators for billing block?
    • Order type
    • Item category
  30. From where does the system determine if a transaction must update the document flow?
    Indicator Update document flow at the copy control
  31. While backward scheduling, what date the system takes into consideration for outbound delivery selection date?
    Material staging date or transportation planning date, whichever comes earlier
  32. What are the tab oages available for referencing preceding documents?
    • Inquiry
    • Quotation
    • Order
    • Contract
    • Scheduling agreement
    • Billing document
  33. What are the phases of consignment process and in which of them the billing document is created?
    • Fill-up
    • Pick-up
    • Issue
    • Return
  34. Where is the indicator of the division of a material?
    Material master / tab Sales Org. 1
  35. Where's the information about moving price and standard price of a material?
    Material master / tab Accounting 1
  36. What are the tabs on customer master/sales area data?
    • Sales
    • Shipping
    • Billing documents
    • Partner functions
  37. What are the criteria used by the system to determine item category?
    • Document type
    • Item category group
    • Item category of higher item
    • Item usage
  38. What are the components of a condition master?
    • Prices
    • Discounts/surcharges
    • Freight
    • Tax
  39. Where and what are the fields you should activate to configure rush order and cash sales?
    • At document type:
    • Immediate delivery
    • Shipping conditions: 10
    • Lead time in days: 0
    • Delivery type: BV (for cash sales)
  40. Where do you need to activate the rebate scheme?
    • Sales organization
    • Payer master (Billing tab)
    • Billing document type
  41. What are the ways to restrict master records for free goods?
    • Validity period
    • Minimum quantity
    • Calculation type
    • Delivery control
    • Scales
  42. Where do we maintain shipping conditions?
    • Customer master (tab Shipping)
    • Order type
  43. What are the possible scale base types and calculation types exits in the system?
    • Value: percentage or fixed amount
    • Quantity: amount/unit of measure
    • Weight: amount/unit of weight
    • Volumes: amount/unit of volume
    • Time period quantity per unit of time
  44. What are the fields to create an output record?
    • Partner
    • Medium
    • Time
  45. What determines if picking confirmation is mandatory?
    Shipping point
  46. What does a route schedule contain?
    • Route
    • Departure date/time
    • Ship-to party
    • Itinerary
  47. How to make a quotation universal?
    • Copy control at header level: 002 (any customer)
    • Item level: Completion rule: blank
  48. Where is the picking rule assigned?
    Delivery type
  49. What changes can you make in the billing document before posting an account document?
    • Billing date
    • Pricing
    • Account determination
    • Output determination data
  50. Where credit management can be checked?
    • Order
    • Delivery
    • Goods issue
  51. What shipping releveant customizing is done in document type at order type, item category type and schedule line category?
    • Order type: Delivery proposal, requested delivery date, immediate delivery
    • Item category: Delivery relevance, schedule line allowed
    • Schedule line category: Delivery relevance, movement type
  52. What are the four possible scale basis for prices and discounts?
    • Value
    • Quantity
    • Weight
    • Volume
  53. What are the fields in the pricing procedure configuration?
    • Step
    • Counter
    • Condition type
    • Description
    • From
    • To
    • Manual
    • Mandatory
    • Statistical
    • Print
    • Subtotal
    • Requirements
    • Alt calculation type
    • Alt condition base value
    • Key account
    • Accruals account
  54. What are the major criteria for collective goods issue?
    • Shipping point
    • Selection date
    • Forward agent
    • Route
  55. What are the organizational units in a warehouse?
    • Warehouse
    • Storage type
    • Picking area
    • Staging area
    • Door
  56. How the route is determined?
    • Shipping point
    • Shipping condition (from document type or customer master/shipping)
    • Transportation zone (from customer master/shipping)
    • Transportation group (material master/sales general plant)
  57. What does the lead time consider when scheduling?
    • Loading group
    • Shipping point
    • Route
  58. How the shipping point is determined?
    • Shipping condition (from document type or customer master/shipping)
    • Plant
    • Loading group (from material master/sales general plant)
  59. What factors are considered for calculating taxes and where are they found?
    • Departure country (of delivering plant)
    • Destination country (of ship-to party/billing)
    • Tax liability of the ship-to (customer master/billing)
    • Tax liability of the material (material master/sales org 1)
  60. What are the controls you need to specify for copy control?
    • Data transfer routines
    • Copying requirements
    • Switches
  61. How pricing procedure is determined in a sales document?
    • Sales area
    • Document pricing procedure (from document type)
    • Customer pricing procedure (customer master)
  62. What do you determine when defining the account group?
    • Number range
    • Screen layout (required, optional, supress, display)
  63. Where are the indicators for availability check?
    • Schedule line category
    • Material master (tab sales general plant)
    • Delivery item category
  64. Where do we have indicators for delivery block?
    • Header level
    • Schedule line level
  65. From where does the system determine if it is order related billing or delivery related bililng?
    Order item category
  66. Where partial deliveries can be set up?
    • Customer master (tab shipping)
    • Customer material info record
    • Order item (tab shipping)
  67. Where and what are the indicators relevant to make-to-order?
    • Schedule line level
    • Requirement/assembly
    • Availability
    • Product allocation
  68. What is the criteria for combining several outbound deliveries into a group of transfer orders?
    Same warehouse number
  69. What are the ways through which you can procure materials?
    • Available stock
    • Guaranteed by replenishment
    • Make-to-order
    • Third party order
    • Stock transfer (from another plant)
  70. What does the movement type control?
    • Change in stock quantity
    • Change in sotck type or material number
    • Goods issue
    • Goods receipt
  71. What is the document generated from a combination of outbound deliveries and what do they need to have in common?
    • Shipment document
    • The route should be common
  72. How do you determine storage location?
    • Shipping point
    • Delivery plant
    • Storage condigion (material master/stor 1)
  73. What are the fields required in the incompleteness log?
    • Table
    • Field name
    • Description
    • Screen
    • Status
    • Warning
  74. What kind of information does information structures contain?
    • Characteristics
    • Key figures
    • A period unit
  75. Where are billing plans assigned?
    • Sales document type
    • Item category
  76. Where are the texts stored?
    • Customer material info record
    • Customer master (general text.accounting text/sales text)
    • Material master (sales text/po text)
    • All documents (both at header and item level)
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