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  1. why was Rama considered a heroic character?
    because he lives his whole life according to the rules of dharma
  2. which character in "Ramayana" is similar to the character, "Job"?
    Rama is very similar in character to Job. Like Job, he is very trusting of the God in charge of him and wants to willingly live his life according to the rules est. in the dharma
  3. define "Dharma"
    An indivdual's dharma is his duty to fulfill his reason for being
  4. who is"Sita"?
    • Rama's wife
    • she defies gender role for women being submissive and passive beings with husbands
  5. who is "Ravana"?
    the evil, 10-headed creature that is distracted/weakened by women (sita) kidnaps Sita for awhile, until Rama found her again and took her back as his own, (after clarifying she was still pure/virgin)
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