psy chapter 15 quiz

  1. What are 5 reasons to go to a therapist?
    • Create a system which can allow for healing
    • To reduce burnout of family
    • Education
    • Coordination of care-doctor with therapist
    • court is involved
  2. What is the Biological treatment?
    Sending the patient to a doctor to get a medicine prescription
  3. Which chemicals need medical treatment
    • Schizophrenia=too much dopamine
    • ADHD=too little dopamine
    • Depression=too little serotonin
    • Anxiety=too low GABA
  4. Define Free association
    say a word and then have the clien spontaneously say a word it reminds them of
  5. define interpretation
    try to interpret the reason of the problem "scared of girls because his mom is mean"
  6. define dream analysis
    interpret the importance of a dream
  7. define transference
    therapist has attributes that client hates and shows client that they can be good.
  8. Define Catharsis
    let client "unload" to release anxiety
  9. Define Genuineness
    treat client like a "real person" using eye contact, posture, and tone
  10. define unconditional positive regard
    nonjudgemental acceptance of client show caring and warmth
  11. define clarification
    be the human mirror. rephrase what the client says to make them realize what they are saying
  12. define empathy
    show understanding of clients view "it sounds like"
  13. define recording automatic thoughts
    have client write a journal type thing
  14. define refuting negative thinking
    challenge beliefs and thoughts with bold direct questioning statements
  15. define homework assignments
    give a task for client to do to fix problem
  16. define conditioning
    giving a reward or taking away a privelage 
  17. define aversion therapy
    shock therapy type stuff
  18. define systematic desensitization
    step by step change like phobias. talk about, show pics, visit, engage
  19. define social skills training
    group therapy 
  20. what are the 5 psychoanalytic treatments and when do you use them
    • repair childhood damage through unconscious ways
    • free association
    • interpretation
    • dream analysis
    • transference
    • catharsis
  21. what are the 4 humanistic treatments and why used
    • client centered supportive therapy
    • genuineness
    • unconditional positive regard
    • clarification
    • empathy
  22. What are the 3 cognitive treatments and why
    • change thoughts and thinking
    • recording automatic thoughts
    • refuting negative thinking
    • homework assignments
  23. what are the 4 behavioral treatments and why use them?
    • change actions and doing
    • conditioning
    • aversion therapy
    • systematic desensitization
    • social skills training
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