Social Studies TOOLS OF HISTORY... TEST!

  1. What is history?
    The study of events and lives of people in the past.
  2. Who studies history?
  3. So... I've heard about this thing called a timeline. what are the two time segments in it?
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  4. Historians organize history by dividing it into blocks of time. Define Era.
    A period of time
  5. Define Decade
    10 years
  6. Define century
    100 years
  7. Define Millennium
    1,000 years
  8. Define chronology
    The order of events in which they occured
  9. Name the four main periods in history IN ORDER
    Pre-history, Ancient history, Midieval History, Modern History
  10. From when to when did Pre-history occur?
    From the dawn of time to 4,500 BCE
  11. From when to when did Ancient history occur?
    From 4,500 BCE to 500 CE
  12. From when to when did Midieval history occur?
    From 500 CE to 1,500 CE
  13. From when to when did Modern history occur?
    From 1,500 CE to right now
  14. Historians study a variety of sources to learn about the past, and analyze (_______) sources to figure out ______________
    ...(Examine)... ... Who, what, where, when, why, & how.
  15. Define Primary source
    A firsthand experience (Account) / original info
  16. Define Secondary source
    Account provided after the fact by someone who did not directly witness/participate in the event
  17. Give five examples of Primary sources
    Diary, photographs, legal documents, interviews, letters, artifacts, commercials, catalogue, autobiography, maps, live news coverage, personal records, newspaper, and special event memorbelia
  18. Give three examples of secondary sources
    Encyclopedias, biographies, textbooks, most books, movies, newspapers
  19. Define archaeology
    The study of peoples and cultures of the past
  20. Archaeology is a branch of __________ with the search forĀ past evidence and the analyzing of clues.
  21. Archaeologists look to study...
    Human and animal bones, seeds, trees, pottery, tools, weapons, mounds, pits, and canals.
  22. Define artifact
    Objects made by mankind
  23. How to archaeologists gather data?
    surveys on foot, photographs from airplanes or satellites, ground-penetrating radar, plot locations on maps, dig for evidence with tools from heavy equipment to shovels

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  24. How do Archaeologists interpret findings?
    Organize artifacts into groups based on similarities, compare obects in relation to other objects, look for evidence of changes over a period of time, date once-living objects by measuring carbon-14 levels, use microscopic and biological tests to date obects

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  25. Define excavation
    An archaeological dig
  26. Define carbon dating
    A method for dating certain living objects based on the fact that carbon decreases (dissapates) over time
  27. Does carbon increase or depleate when an organism dies?

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  28. Define culture
    Ways of life people have developed and shared
  29. Name some of the parts of culture
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  30. Define Cultural diffusion
    Spreading of culture from one place to another

    It's a culture firework!
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