VJHS Call of the Wild Vocabulary

  1. Primitive
    Image Upload 1(Adjective) (Chpt 1)

    Early stages; pertaining to the beginning.
  2. Toil
    Image Upload 2(Noun) (Chpt 1)

    Difficult labor; hard work.
  3. Reside
    • Image Upload 3
    • (Verb) (Chpt 1)

    To live in one place for a long time.
  4. Primordial
    • Image Upload 4
    • (Adjective) (Chpt 2)

    Referring back to the initial stages; genesis.
  5. Peril
    • Image Upload 5
    • (Adjective) (Chpt 2)

    Danger, risk.
  6. Vicarious
    (Adjective) (Chpt 2)

    To experience through another's thoughts, feelings, experiences.
  7. Introspective
    • Image Upload 6
    • (Adjective) (Chpt 2)

    To focus on one's own thinking and feelings.
  8. Arduous
    (Adjective) (Chpt 2)

  9. Courier
    • Image Upload 7
    • (Noun) (Chpt 3)

    Mail carrier.
  10. Resolute
    (Adjective) (Chpt 3)

    Very determined.
  11. Conspicuous
    Image Upload 8(Adjective) (Chpt 3)

    Very noticeable; easy to see.
  12. Covert
    (Adjective) (Chpt 3)

    Concealed; secret; disguised.
  13. Comply
    (Verb) (Chpt 4)

    To agree with; to go along with.
  14. Aspire
    (Verb) (Chpt 4)

    To seek to gain or attain a goal.
  15. Potent
    (Adjective) (Chpt 4)

  16. Resilient
    (Adjective) (Chpt 4)

    The ability to adjust to or overcome change or misfortune, to spring back into shape; to regain shape easily.
  17. Deceit
    (Noun) (Chpt 5)

    Dishonesty; trickery.
  18. Apprehensive
    (Adjective) (Chpt 5)

    A feeling of fear or dread.
  19. Valor
    (Noun) (Chpt 6)

    Courage or boldness in battle; heroic courage when facing danger; bravery; honor.
  20. Malicious
    (Adjective) (Chpt 6)

    Deliberately harmful, mean-spirited, intending to cause harm or hurt; spiteful.
  21. Incoherent
    (Adjective) (Chpt 6)

    Unable to understand or read; without logical connection, disconnected and confused; disjointed; rambling.
  22. Vigil
    (Noun) (Chpt 7)

    Wakefulness during the normal hours of sleeping; to keep watch or period of watchfulness; surveillance.
  23. Tangible
    • Image Upload 9
    • (Adjective) (Chpt 7)

    Touchable; real and actual, possible to be treated as fact.
  24. Rampant
    • Image Upload 10
    • (Adjective) (Chpt 7)

    Uncontrolled growth; prevailing and unchecked; unrestrained.
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