VJHS Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie Vocabulary

  1. Gimmick
    (Noun) a piece of trickery or manipulation intended to achieve a result dishonestly.

    It doesn't seem like an honest offer, just a sales gimmick.
  2. Corridor
    (Noun) a passage between parts of a building, often with a weries of rooms opening onto it.

    The corridors in the school are quite crowded during passing time.
  3. Glimmer
    (Noun) a dim perception, inkling.

    In all of his interactions with Julia, there is not a glimmer of hope that she even notices him.
  4. Pathetic
    (Adjective) inadequate, pitiful.

    Scott's pathetic attempts to get Julia to notice him often fail.
  5. Jarred
    (Verb) to have an unpleasant affect on one's nerves, feelings, and thoughts.

    After watching the horror movie, her nerves were completely jarred and she could not sleep.
  6. Retaliate
    (Verb) to return like for like, especially evil for evil.

    After John Thornton was killed by the Yeehats, Buck decided to retaliate and make it his mission to gain revenge.
  7. Cavern
    (Noun) a cave, especially one that is large and underground.

    The cavern was so dark that we had trouble making our way through it.
  8. Priority
    (Adjective) something given special attention.

    My teacher told me it is a priority to finish my essay because it is worth fifty percent of my final grade.
  9. Mingle
    (Verb) to associate, take part with others, or participate.

    During the school dance, some kids danced, but many others chose to just mingle and talk in the cafeteria.
  10. Slogan
    (Noun) a distinctive phrase or motto, a catchword or phrase.

    The slogan for Billy Huccillo of Fuccillo Hyundai is "It's gonna be HUUUUUUUUGE Rochester, HUUUUUUUUUUUGE."
  11. Staggered
    (Verb) to walk, move, or stand unsteadily.

    I staggered into my first period class, completely exhausted from studying all night.
  12. Contemplating
    (Verb) to think or consider thoroughly.

    I have been contemplating whether or not to buy a new iPhne, or keep my Blackberry.
  13. Virtually
    (Adverb) for the most part, almost wholly, just about.

    Steve Jobs is virtually the most admired innovator in the field of technology.
  14. Monologue
    (Noun) a part of a drama in which a single actor speaks alone.

    During her monologue, Anne Frank discusses her wishes and goals for the future.
  15. Improvise
    (Verb) to compose, perform, or deliver without previous preparation.

    Since I had not expected to win the award, I did not prepare a speech, and had to improvise at the last minute.
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