Subordinating words for noun clauses

  1. that  That Clauses
    Do you believe that there is life in outer space?
  2. If  Whether  Clauses

    • whether ... or not
    • if

    if ... or not
  3. whether
    I can't remember whether I locked the door. 
  4. whether ... or not
    I can't whether or not I locked  the door.
  5. Wether................or not
    I can't remember whether I loked the door or not.
  6. If
    I can't remember if I locked the door.
  7. If......or  not
    I can remember if I locked the door or not.
  8. Question Clauses
    • who, whoever, whom
    • which, what, where when,
    • why, how
    • how much, how many
    • how long, how often,
  9. Whoenever
    Whoenever arrives at the bus station first should buy the tickets.
  10. Where
    Do you  know where the bus station is
  11. when 
    We should ask when the bus arrives.
  12. How much
    Do not worry about how much they cost.
  13. How long
    He didn't care how long he had to wait.
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Subordinating words for noun clauses
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