1. 最近

    nowadays, recently
  2. 質問紙

    question paper???
  3. 発見する

    to find, discover, detect
  4. あまりに
    too much, excessively, too
  5. 〜に関する

    to concern, to be related
  6. 興味


  7. 「さ」
    difference, variation
  8. 〜版

    edition ~, version ~
  9. 〜なりに
    in one's own way or style
  10. 該当する

    to correspond to, be applicable, to come under, fall under, apply to
  11. 割合

    rate, ratio, proportion; comparatively
  12. 項目

    (data) item, entry
  13. 〜ごとに
    one by one, each, every, at intervals (of)
  14. 分布

    distribution, dissemination, allocation
  15. 〜割

    rate, ratio, percent, proportion
  16. 〜に達する

    to reach ~, to get to ~
  17. 逆に

    conversely, on the contrary
  18. 全て

    everything, all
  19. 上回る

    to exceed (esp. figures, profits, rates, etc.)
  20. 平均

    average, mean; balance, equilibrium
  21. 項目群

    group of data
  22. 全体

    whole, entirety
  23. めったにない
    rare (-i adj.)
  24. 解釈する

    to explain, interpret
  25. 可能(な)

    potential, possible, practical, feasible
  26. 自然(な)

    nature, spontaneity; naturally, spontaneously
  27. ふるまう
    to behave, to conduct oneself
  28. 自信満々
    full of confidence
  29. 装う

    to dress; to pretend, feign
  30. 穿つ

    to drill, bore, pierce, put on, wear
  31. 前提

    preamble, premise, reason, prerequisite, condition
  32. 導く

    to guide, lead; derive, deduce
  33. 支える

    to support, sustain, hold up; hold at bay
  34. 測る

    to measure, weight, survey
  35. 仮定する

    to assume, hypothesize
  36. 根拠

    basis, foundation
  37. いったい
    ...the heck, (used before an interrogative)

  38. 「りゃく」
    almost, roughly, approximately
  39. あくまで
    to the end, to the last; stubbornly, persistently
  40. 仮説

    hypothesis, supposition
  41. 〜にすぎない
    no more than, just only, mere
  42. 存在証明

    proof of existance??
  43. 躍起になる

    to become desperate, eager
  44. 味方

    friend, ally, supporter
  45. おそらく
    perhaps, likely, probably
  46. 期待する

    to expect, anticipate, hope
  47. 〜に従う

    to abide (by the rules), to obey, follow
  48. 適切な

    to expect, anticipate, hope
  49. 〜に即して

    to conform, agree with, be adapted to
  50. 単位

    unit, denomination; credit
  51. 筆者

    writer, author
  52. 結果

    result, effect
  53. 賛成する

    to approve, agree, support
  54. 亡くなる

    to die
  55. 確認する

    to affirm, confirm, validate
  56. 認める

    to recognize, observe; judge, assess
  57. 正直な

    honesty, integrity, frankness
  58. 表す

    to express, to show, reveal, display
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