Psychology Parts of the Brain

  1. Medulla
    In charge of basic life support functions

    breathing, circulation 
  2. Thalamus
    Brains sensory switchboard; directs messages to the cortex
  3. Reticular Formation
    Controls an organisms overall level of alertness and arousal 
  4. cerebellum 
    'Little brain' Helps control movement and balance
  5. Spinal Cord
    Connects brain and brain stem
  6. Hypothalamus 
    Regulates body's most important functions

    hunger, thirst, body tempurature
  7. Amyadala
    Linked to emotions such as anger and fear

    young adults use this in decision making
  8. Hippocampus
    Processes new memories for permanent storage
  9. Lateral Fissure
    boundary for frontal lobe
  10. central fissure
    boundary for pariental lobe
  11. frontal lobe
    makes judgements and plans
  12. Pariental Lobe
    Processing information(math)
  13. Occipital Lobe
    Primary Vision processing center
  14. temporal lobe
    sound information is processed here
  15. Somatosensory 
    Registers and processes body sensations
  16. cerebral cortex
    body's ultimate control and information processing center
  17. motor cortex
    Controls movements
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Psychology Parts of the Brain