poetic terms for final

  1. define "Simile"
    any comparison using the words, "like" and/or "as"
  2. define "metaphor"
    comparisons that DO NOT use words such as "Like" or "As" to describe the similarities and differences between two different things/ppl
  3. define "Hyperbole"
    use of exaggeration >>invokes emotion response
  4. define "Atmosphere"
    an address to a person, thing, or quality.
  5. define "Epithets"
    any word or phrase applied to a person or thing to describe an actual or attributed quality
  6. define "Double Entendre"
    a word or expression used in a given context in order for there to be an understanding in 2 different ways, especially when one meaning is scandalous
  7. define, Alliteration, Consonance, and/or Assonance
    the repetition of a vowel or consonant sounds
  8. define Assonance
    internal repetition of vowel sounds
  9. define consonance
    internal repetition of sounds of consonance's
  10. define alliteration
    combination of both Assonance and Consonance at the beginning or end of a poem
  11. define Personification
    giving human attributes to animals, objects, and/or concepts
  12. define Oxymoron
    the combination of 2 or more contradicting terms
  13. define Synesthesia
    the mixture of "senses"
  14. define enjambent
    continuation of a thought from one line/stanza to the next, without syntactical break
  15. define Stanza Patterns
    couplets, triplets, and quatrains
  16. define Syndoche
    the use of the part for the whale
  17. define metonomy
    use of something closely related for the thing actually meant
  18. what are some themes/parallels/motifs/symbols, etc in Ancient Egyptian Poetry
    fertile vegetation of their surroundings, and how that relates to their success of romance
  19. what part of nature is "woman" referred to?
    a flower
  20. what part of nature is a man related to?
    a fruit tree
  21. the terms" blooming" and "rising flowers" refer to what sexual term?
    arousal of sexual feelings/desires
  22. what is the "enclosed garden" a metaphor for?
    a female's virginity.
  23. what is the use of the "garden motif"?
    represents the garden of eden
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