Love Poetry for final exam

  1. what is the main theme in "song of songs"?
    love is sexual, passionate(which means, to suffer), and savoring (which means, it is a "sensory" poem)
  2. define Allegory
    an extended metaphor, or a symbolic representation of something
  3. according to the definition of allegory, could the book "song of songs" be considered an allegory?
    yes. it could be used as a didactic message for couples
  4. What is the book, "Song of songs" celebrating?
    the song celebrates not only human love but also the sensuous and mystical quality of erotic desire.
  5. what is a didactic message?
    a message used to "teach"
  6. what are some things unknown in the "song of songs"?
    • author is unknown/"authorship"
    • unknown date
    • unknown when exactly it was included in the canon
    • was the "song of songs" intended to be secular or sexual?
    • form/structure unknown
    • Characters>> the characters move in and out of story so quickly>>becomes confusing
  7. What was "song of songs" originally intended to be?
    a religious context
  8. issues found with "song of songs"
    translation issues>> different versions were worded very differently>>could be taken completely differently if read two of the same scriptures, but different versions

  9. define "Rosetta Stone"
    3 different languages
  10. define the term, " hieroglyphics"
    holy or sacred carvings
  11. According to Bloch...we are to read poetry by...
    • sequence of lyrical poems
    • "episode" structure
    • NOT a narrative and NOT a drama
    • gaps in the text are problematic for those who attempt to read it as one or the other
    • "song- like", musical quality
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