chapter 13

  1. standard letter
    8½ X 11 inches
  2. executive , business, monarch letter
    8½ X 10½
  3. legal letter
    8½ X 14
  4. never use the letters ___ and ___ in a e-mail
    r and u
  5. standard side margins are
    1 to 1½
  6. spacing  business letters
    are always single spaced
  7. type  ___ from the top
    1 inch
  8. closing a letter includes
    • complimentary closing
    • the typed signature
    • reference initials
  9. postscripts
    express an after thought
  10. 7 items must be recorded when a phone message is taken 
    • name of person to whom the call is directed
    • name of the person calling
    • callers daytime number
    • reason for the call
    • action to be taken
    • date and time
    • initial of person taking the call 
  11. all fax should have a
    • cover sheet
    • state confidential
  12. personal opended
    write opened in error on the outside and initial
  13. requires attention
    mail that the physican can not open be he is way and the medical assistant can open it
  14. for approval
    mail the medical assistant can compose  but requires a physician's approval
  15. the postal service provides three special set of abbreviations
    • 1. state names
    • 2. long names of cities, towns, and places
    • 3. names of streets and roads and general terms such as University or institute
  16. east and west are called
  17. money orders highest amount
  18.  mail merge
    feature in microsoft word useful way to create a group of documents that are similar in text but have unique identifying features.
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