1. President gets power from?
    article 2, executive article
  2. most vaguely and loosly interpreted written article in constitution? 
    article 2, executive article
  3. imperial presidency
    presidents power is always growing, never shrinking
  4. R:president is one person, he doesnt...?
    argue with himself like congress/courts
  5. R:people look to president to?
    fix problems
  6. R:national emergencies require...?
    someone to act quickly which the president can do
  7. R:congress creates new programs in which...?
    executive must see
  8. R: President can use mass media to...
    attract attention in which no one else in government can
  9. Types of powers
    expressed, implied, executive
  10. expressed powers
    clearly written in constitution Ex:president shall be commander and chief of army, article 2 section 2
  11. implied powers
    not written in the constitution, derived from expressed powers Ex:presidents power over air force one
  12. executive powers
    gives power over all federal laws passed by congress
  13. ordinance power
    gives him power to issue executive orders, direct rule that has effect of law; implied from expressed powers
  14. appointment power
    • article 2, sec. 2: gives him power to appoint
    • -ambassadors/diplomats
    • -cabinet members
    • -head of agencies
    • -judges/u.s attornies
    • -officers in the armed forces
  15. removal powers
    power to dismiss anyone he appointed; not judges
  16. Treaties
    has power to make treties with senate 2/3 vote
  17. power of recognition
    acknoledgment of legal existence of a country and government; countries that recognixe one another trade diplomats out declaring them unwelcome
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