Constitutional Amendments

  1. 1
    • RAPPOS
    • Freedom of Religion, Assembly, Petition, Press, Opinion, and Speech (if you're not breaking the law)

    No state religon

    • Exceptions:
    • Child Pornogrphy
    • Threats
    • Conspiracy's (like planning to commit a crime)
    • Insighting to riot
    • extortion
    • libel(written) and slander(Spoken)
    • Giving away state secrets.
  2. 2
    The right to bear arms.

    Does not include tanks and machine guns.
  3. 4
    No unreasonable searches.

    To search, you have to have probable cause, and a warrant describing: the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.
  4. 5
    • The right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself.
    • If you are aquited, you can't be brought back.
    • You can't go to trial unless a grand jury says there is enough evidence to go (for major crimes).
    • You can't be tried twice for the same offence.
    • Private property can't be taken for public use, without compensation.
    • The 5th amendment forbids torture.
    • Spouses, priests, and doctors can not be compelled to testify against someone.
  5. 6
    • The right to a speedy and public trial.
    • No secret trials.
    • If you are arested, you have to get charged in time or else you can go.
    • You need an impartial jury.
    • You must be tried in the district you commited the crime.
    • You have to know what you're accused of.
    • You can confront witnesses testifying against you.
    • no secret testimonys or witnesses.
    • If someone can testify on your side, they are compelled to. Defense and prosecution get to throw 4 or 5 people off the jury and explain later.
  6. 8
    • The right to fair fines and bail (You put down money, and promise to come back to be tried or else the money is confiscated). No excessive bail.
    • No cruel and unusual punishment by the government.
  7. 9
    • Individual Rights
    • Rights that are not in the constitution are still rights given to citizens. The rights in the consitution are not the only rights.
  8. 13
    Emancipation: All slaves are free
  9. 14
    All people born in the US are citizens. No state can pass a law that takes away your rights as a citizen
  10. 15
    All men get the right to vote - including ex-slaves
  11. 16
    The Federal Income Tax is established (usually deducted from your pay)
  12. 18
    Alcohol is prohibited
  13. 19
    The right of citizens to vote shall not be denied on account of sex.
  14. 21
    It is no longer illegal to drink Alcohol: the 18th amendment is struck down
  15. 22
    A president can only have 2 terms in office
  16. 26
    You can vote at the age of 18
  17. 27
    Congressmen cannot vote to give themselves a raise in the same term
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