Physiology: common 1st aid

  1. Nosebleed.

    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: blood vessels in nose breaks
    • symp: blood coming from nose or mouth
    • resp: victim leans forward and pinch nostrils until bleeding stops.
  2. Allergic Reaction
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: body's response to foreign proteins
    • symp: stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, itching
    • resp: benadryl or epinepherine pen
  3. puncture wound
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: object imbedded in body
    • resp: don't pull it out! compress bandage around the object
  4. amputation
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: body part cut off
    • response: bandage the stump with firm pressure. place amputated part in bag, keep it cool. transport with victim.
  5. Shock
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: body's response due to trauma. reduces blood flow to body.
    • symp: faint, pale, grayish
    • resp: call 911, lie back with feet up. keep victim warm.
  6. Burns (name the types of degrees)
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • 1st degree: red, warm, painful
    • 2nd degree: skin blisters, painful
    • 3rd degree: skin sloughs off, no pain.

    • Response: cold water on burn.
    • Don't use ointments! protect from enviornmental factors due to infections.
  7. Seizures
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: epilepsy, head injury, heat related, low blood sugar.
    • symp: falls to ground, no response, jerking movement.
    • resp: clear the area, protect the head, don't hold down and check breathing when it's over
  8. stroke
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    • cause: brain doesn't get enough oxygen
    • symp: sudden numbness, trouble speaking. trouble walking. headaches.
    • resp: call 911
  9. electrocution 
    provide: cause -symptoms -response -
    make sure power is turned off, check for breathing, cpr if necessary. call 911 if victim is unconscious. 
  10. temperature emergencies:
    heat exhaustion and heat stroke
    • heat exhaustion
    • symptoms: muscle cramps, heavy sweating, nausea, dizziness.
    • resp: cool area, loosen clothing and spray w/ water

    • hear stroke
    • symp: red, hot, dry skin. vomiting, confusion, shallow breathing.
    • resp: call 911, cool area and loosen clothing
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Physiology: common 1st aid
Physiology: common 1st aid