lit unit 1

  1. wrong information
    misinformation n
  2. bring back to rightness
    reform v
  3. giving form or shape; forming; shaping; fashioning; molding
    formative adj
  4. not apt or fitting
    inept adj
  5. very skillfull
    adept adj
  6. an inherant ability, skill
    aptitude n
  7. to assume the exsistance of; propose
    posit v
  8. to apply or make prevail as if by authority; dictate
    impose v
  9. ones usual mood or temprament
    disposition n
  10. something made up; fantasy
    figment n
  11. a cruel figure representing a hated group of people; mockery
    effigy n
  12. to suggest; imply; foreshadow
    prefigure v
  13. attractive in pictures of photogenic; attractive
    photogenic adj
  14. happening by good fortune; timely
    providential adj
  15. ghost or phantom;  illusion
    specter n
  16. hateful or spiteful; scandalous
    invidious adj
  17. allowing light to pass through
  18. that which is expected
    prospect n
  19. easy to understand or clear
    lucid adj
  20. create without preparation or planning
    improvise v
  21. giving ofg light without heat
    phosphorescent adj
  22. tending to grow or move towards the light
  23. careful, mindful of consequences
    circumspect adj
  24. to make clear by explaining
    elucidate v
  25. easy to converse with; friendly
    affable adj
  26. a formal or authoritative statement
    dictum n
  27. an official order
    edict n
  28. to pronounce or articulate
    enunciate v
  29. to charge with a crime; accuse
    indict v
  30. unutterable, indescribable
    ineffable adj
  31. to call on for support
    invoke v
  32. a declaration of opinion; judgement
    pronouncement n
  33. causing disturbance or excitement
    provocative adj
  34. to reject by declaration
    renounce v
  35. to make invalid; deactivate
    revoke v
  36. childish; immature
  37. to not do something; refrain
    abstain v
  38. to confuse and frustrate
  39. to use up; waste
    deplete v
  40. to put into action; execute
    implement v
  41. to inject; to fill something or someone with
    infuse v
  42. to get in the way of; hinder
    inhibit v
  43. to stop one from doing something; prevent
    prohibit v
  44. filled up with
    replete adj
  45. a group that attends an important person
    retinue n
  46. to fill up from within; too spread throughout
    suffuse v
  47. to support for an extended period of time
    sustain v
  48. stubbornly persistent; determined
    tenacious adj
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lit unit 1
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