Subordinating Conjunctions for Adverb Clauses Time (When?)

  1. after        
     After we ate lunch, we decided  to go shopping. 
  2. as, just  as                                 
     Just  as we left the house, it started to rain.
  3. as long  as
    We waited as long as we could.
  4. as soon  as       
         As  soon  as the front door closed,  I looked  for my house key. 
  5. before                                       
      I thought I had put it in my coat pocket before we left.
  6. since
    I have not locked  myself out of the house since I was10 years old.
  7. until
    Until I was almost 12, my mother pinned the key to my coat.
  8. when                                          
    When I turned 12, my mother let me keep the key in my pocket.
  9. whenever
    I usually put the key in the same place whenever I come home.
  10. while
    While I searched for the key, it rained harder and harder.
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Subordinating Conjunctions for Adverb Clauses Time (When?)
A subordinating word is the first word in a dependent clause. Common subordinat­ing words include the following.