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  1. The music of (WHO) embraces many styles including classical, 50's doo-wop, heavy rock, and classic rhythm and blues.
    Frank Zappa
  2. The two most commercial horn-rock bands of the 1970's were Chicago and (WHAT OTHER GROUP). The latter was more jazz oriented than Chicago was.
    Blood Sweat & Tears
  3. The Yardbirds were known for performing what was called (WHAT)? Mix of R&B with extended guitar/harmonica passages.
    Rave Ups
  4. The Yardbirds were the starting point for three great guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and (WHO).
    Jimmy Page
  5. Text states: "(WHO) revolt against conventional femininity was brave and imaginative, but it also dovetailed with a stereotype, ballsy, one-of-the-guys chick who is needy.
    Janis Joplin
  6. Text states: " (WHO) was one of the fathers of contemporary rock. The Stones were dirty, but (his group was) dread, and the difference is crucial, because dread is the great fact of our time." (NOTE: name the person not the group.)
    Jim Morrison
  7. (WHO) is considered to be the Godfather of Soul and the Father of Funk.
    James Brown
  8. (WHO) is known as the father of shock-rock.
    Alice Cooper
  9. According to text: " As a guitarist, (WHO) quite simply redefined the instrument, in the same way that Cecil Taylor redefined the piano or John Coltrane the tenor sax..
    Jimi Hendrix
  10. Pink Floyd incorporated electronics and special effects in their music; recorded sounds as ringing bells, clocks ticking, and cash machines. This compositional technique is referred to as (WHAT).
    Concrete Music
  11. Rock's longest, strangest trip, the (WHAT GROUP) were the psychedelic era's most beloved musical ambassadors as well as its most enduring survivors, spreading their message of peace, love, and mind-expansion across the globe throughout the better part of three decades.
    Grateful Dead
  12. The Holland-Dozier-Holland writing trio, who scored twenty-eight top 20 hits in a three year period, is association with (WHAT RECORDING COMPANY).
  13. (WHAT GROUP) became known as the anti-British punk band. They represented the Bored youth of their country adn rebelled against the staunch upper class of Great Britain.
    Sex Pistols
  14. (WHICH GROUP) created something that was rooted in early 60's, pre-Beatle rock & roll and pop but sounded revolutionary. Their music has been labeled as "Bubble-Gum Punk."
    The Ramones
  15. (WHICH GROUP) was one of the most creative bands to emerge from New York's punk scene in the mid-70's.
  16. (WHICH GROUP) was rock's first truly integrated band - both in race and gender.
    Sly & The Family Stone
  17. (WHO) is considered by rock historians to be the Godfather of Punk Music.
    Iggy Pop
  18. (WHO) is considered the leading British artist of theater rock.
    David Bowie
  19. (WHO) led the way for the infamous Acid Tests("happiness") in the 1960's. He is also the author of the famous novel, 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
    Ken Kesey
  20. (WHO) was known as the elder statesman of British Blues. His group the Bluesbreakers was the "finishing school" for a large group of blues-rock artists.
    John Mayall
  21. (WHAT) is the name of the nightclub in the skid row section of the Bowery in New York. It became an important venue for punk and new wave bands in the 70's.
  22. (WHERE) is the famous street corner in San Francisco that attracted a sub-culture of drop-outs, starving artists and a large community of folk musicians.
    Haight - Ashbury
  23. (WHICH GROUP) is considered to be the first heavy metal band in rock history.
    Led Zeppelin
  24. (WHO) , who wrote Gloria, got his start with the group Them from Belfast, Ireland.
    Van Morrison
  25. T/F: Stevie Wonder, one of Motown's finest recording artists, recorded his first hit, Fingertips - Part 2 at age 12. This time is also the first live recording to hit #1 in rock history.
  26. T/F: The album entitled 'Days of Future Past', recorded by Pink Floyd, is viewed as one of the leading art rock albums of the Art Rock era.

    (recorded by Moody Blues)
  27. T/F: The Beatles' White Album is one of their individualized albums from their later period.
  28. T/F: The Byrds, with their distinctive 12-string guitar sound, was the group that successfully managed to synthesize the music of Bob Dylan and the Beatles.
  29. T/F: The early use of "power chords", is a musical characteristic heavy metal, can be heard in the music of the Kinks.
  30. T/F: The Rolling Stones strove to be earthier and portrayed a vulgar look that was rougher and sexier than the Beatles.
  31. T/F: The success of Motown is almost entirely attributed to one man - Smokey Robinson

    (Berry Gordy = True answer)
  32. T/F: Poet/Rock singer Patti Smith used her group as a vehicle for her poetry reading. She improvised lyrics that reflected life in New York and mixed rock classics with dramatic readings.
  33. T/F: Punk music became a full-scale phenomenon in the United States, while in Britain, it remained only as an underground sensation.

    (true = other way around)
  34. T/F: Rare Earth, Motown's only white rock and soul band, was an experimental assault on the rock market that yielded over 10 million records sold worldwide.
  35. T/F: Rock purists viewed Art Rock music to be overwaught and too gimmicky. To the British Art Rock bands, it was an attempt to legitimize rock & roll and broaden the market of listeners.
  36. T/F: Solomon Burke was Atlantic Records' best selling Southern Soul performer in the mid-60's. 'In the Midnight Hour,' which he recorded, was one of the most successful songs of the soul era.

    (true = Wilson Pickett)
  37. T/F: Motown's music became known for its formulaic musical structure and catchy melodic "hooks." The company produced what became known as 'The Sound of Young America.'
  38. T/F: Most of the Beatles music remained in a pop style that had an up-tempo driving beat.
  39. T/F: Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff was the leading writing duo that produced the Motown formula.
  40. T/F: Led Zeppelin, considered to be the first hand of heavy metal, established the concept of the album oriented rock market. For example, 'Stairway to Heaven' was never released as a single.
  41. T/F: Lonnie Donegan is known as the King of Skiffle music.
  42. T/F: Moby Grape was one of the most versatile of the 60's San Francisco bands, playing a combination of folk, blues, country and classic and classic R&R. Early Jefferson Airplane played some of Moby Grape's composition.
  43. T/F: It was estimated that there were about 50 to 100 bands that formed during the San Francisco scene in the 1960's.
    FALSE; 500-1500
  44. T/F: 'House of the Rising Sun' is considered to be the first folk-rock hit in rock history.

    (true = 'mr. tamnorine man'
  45. T/F: Art Rock music is influenced by jazz styles while Progressive Rock is influenced more by classical styles.

    (other way around = true)
  46. T/F: Bob Dylan, whose leading influence was Woodie Gutherie, is considered to be the first poet of the mass media.
  47. T/F: David Bowie is considered to be one of the original punk rockers to emerge from New York City in the early/mid 70's.

    (true = Richard Bell)
  48. T/F: Fashion designer Malcolm McLaren, brought the punk influence from America to Britain.
  49. Moody Blues...
    Art Rock
  50. Jefferson Airplane...
    San Francisco/Psychedelic
  51. The Animals...
    British R&B
  52. MC-5
  53. The Grateful Dead...
    San Francisco/Psychedelic
  54. The Supremes
  55. Led Zeppelin
    Heavy Metal
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