Modal verbs

  1. Modal verb:
    Can, could, had better, may, might, must, ought, shall, should, will, would.
  2. 1- Modal don't take a final -s, even when the subject is she, he, or it
    1. Example

    • Corret:
    • ¬†she can do it.

    • Incorrect:
    • She cans do it
  3. 2- Modal are followed immediately by the simple form of a verb..
    2. Example

    Correct: She can do it.

    Incorrect: She can to do it./ she can does it./ she can did it
  4. 3- The only exception is ought, which is folowed by an infinitive( to + the simple form of a verb)
    3. Example

    Correct: He ought to go to the meeting.
  5. Phrasal Modals. Pharasal modals are common expresion whose meanings are similar to those of some of the modal auxiliaries.
    For esample
    Be able to is similar to can;

    Be going to is similar to will.
    Be able to do

    Be going to do

    Be supposed to do

    Have to do

    Have got to do
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