European Explorers...England Spain

  1. Spanish soldier that exploered the Americas and claimed land for Spain
  2. A conquistador who brought the Aztecs to ruin
    Hernando Cortes
  3. 1494 treaty in which Spain and Portugal agreed to divide lands of the Western hemisphere and moved the Line of Declaration to the west.
    Treaty of Tordesillas
  4. economic system that increased money in a country's treasury by creating a favorable balance of trade.
  5. Italian sailor who exploered what is now the Americas
    Amerigo Vespucci
  6. conquistador who defeated the Inca
    Francisco Pizarro
  7. conquistador who defeated the Incas.
    Francisco Pizarro
  8. English explorer who sailed for the Dutch and landed at the coast of present-day New York
    Henry Hudson
  9. Italian sailor who sailed for the English and is beleived to have had landed in New Foundland, Cananda
    John Cabot
  10. Italian sailor who sailed for the French with hopes of finding an all water route to Asia.
    Giovanni da Verazzano
  11. French sailor who saile up the St. Lawrence R. to present day Montreal.
    Jacques Cartier
  12. Large fleet of ships sent to invade England and restore Catholicism
    Spanish Armada
  13. founder of fur-trading post at Quebec
    Samuel de Champlain
  14. first permanent French colony in North America
    New Fance
  15. first permanent Dutch colony in NA
    New Netherland
  16. grant of Native American slave labor
  17. large farm or estate
  18. settlement created by the Spainish church in order to convert Native Americans to Christianity
  19. Spaniard who fought for Native American rights
    Bartolome de Las Casas
  20. transfer of plants, animals, and diseases between the Western and Eastern hemispheres
    Columbian Exchange
  21. practice of one person being owned by another
  22. middle leg of the triangular trade route that brought captured Aficans to the Americas to serve as slaves
    middle passage
  23. law passed to regulate the treatment of slaves
    slave codes
  24. belief that some people are inferior because of their race
  25. Why did Europeans seek new trade routes to Asia?
    For wealth
  26. What was the Northwest Passage?
    A route through Amerian to Asia
  27. The French and Dutch traded...
  28. Slave labor was used....
    it was cheap and the slaves were immune to some of the diseases and had no one to help them
  29. The Columbian exchange affected Europe...Good and bad...
    it brought diseases as well as plants and animals and the world closer together
  30. How did Europeans trasform life in the Americas
    • * Columbus's voyage opened the Americas for conquest by Spain                           * Europeans wanted to colonize the Americas to spread Christianity, gain wealth , and expand their empire
    • *mercanitism emerges and Europeans grew rich from their colonies                                                                
  31. How did Europeans Transform Life in the Americans... England France and Netherlands
    • * England France and Netherlands  completed with Spain
    • *England defeated the Spanish Armada and weakened Spain
    • * Quebec and New Netherlands thrived as fur trade centers
  32. Who founded the plantation system?
    Spanish and Portuguese
  33. Spanish and Portuguese prefered who as slaves?
    Africans over Native Americans
  34. How long did the slave trade last?
    400 years
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