Western Civilization Chapter 3 (Quiz 1)

  1. Ptolemies
    Hellenistic dynasty that ruled in Egypt from about 300 BCE to about 30 BCE
  2. Rosetta Stone
    a tablet of black basalt found in 1799 at Rosetta, Egypt, that contains parallel inscriptions in Greek, ancient Egyptian demotic script, & hieroglyphic characters. The store provided the key to deciphering ancient Egyptian writing
  3. Seleucids
    Hellenistic dynasty that ruled in Asia from about 300 BCE to about 64 BCE
  4. Antigonids
    Hellenistic dynasty that ruled in Macedonia from 300 BCE to about 150 BCE
  5. Septuagint
    a Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures (the Old Testament), so named because it was said to be the work of 72 Palestinian Jews, in the 3rd century BCE, who completed the work in 70 days
  6. Maccabean Revolt
    successful Jewish revolt led by Judas Maccabeus in the mid-second century BCE against Hellenistic Seleucid rulers
  7. Epicureanism
    a Hellenistic philosophy that held that the goal of life should be to live a life of pleasure regulated by moderation
  8. Cynicism
    a Hellenistic philosophy that located the search for virtue in an utter indifference to worldly needs
  9. Stoicism
    a Hellenistic philosophy that advocated detachment form the material world & an indifference to pain
  10. Mystery Religions
    ancient religions that encouraged believers to cultivate a deep connection a deep connection with their deity. Initiates swore not to reveal the insights they had gained during rites & ceremonies; the shroud of secrecy resulted in the name "mystery" religions
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Western Civilization Chapter 3 (Quiz 1)
Western Civilization Chapter 3