Anterior Compartment of Lower Leg Muscles

  1. Orgin: Fibular head, lateral 2/3 of fibula shaft
    Insertion: Base of metatarsal # 1, Cuneiform # 1
    Action: Plantar Flexes ankle, eversion of the foot

    A) Peroneus Longus
  2. Orgin: Lateral Distal 2/3 of fibular shaft
    Insertion: Base of metatarsal # 5
    Action: Plantar Flex ankle, eversion of the foot

    B) Peroneus Brevus
  3. What 3 muscles makeup a subgroup known as Triceps surae?
    Gastrocnemius, soleus, plantaris
  4. This mucle is also known as the "Dancers Muscle" .Means stomach and leg?

    D) Gastrochemius
  5. This mucles has 2 heads, performs 2 actions, but not simultaneously. Is a synergist to hamstrings and soleus

    A) Gastrochemius
  6. This muscles is sometimes called the 2nd heart as it plays a role in returning blood from the heart

    A) Soleus
  7. This muscle lies deep to gastrochemius and is an atagonist to tibialis anterior

    D) Soleus
  8. This muscle is the longest tendon in the body and atagonist to quads and tibilis anterior.

    A: Plantar flextion of the ankle, flexion of the knee

    B) Planteris
  9. This muscle is often referenced as the key that unlocks the knee and lies deep to gastroc and plantaris

    D) Popliteus
  10. This mucle can not be palpated and lies deep to gastroc and soleus. 

    Orgin: Post tibial and fibular shaft, intervosseus membrane
    I: Base of metatarsal # 2-4, cuboid, cuneiform # 3, navicular
    A: plantar flexes ankle, invertion of foot

    • C) Tibiallis Posterior
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  11. This mucle flexes toes 2-5 and flexes ankle

    Orgin: Post Tibial shaft (middle)
    Insertion: Plantar surface of distalphalanges

    B) Flexor Digitorum Longus
  12. This muscle supports longitudianal arch, inverts foot, flexes big toe, plantar flexes ankle,
    Iinsertion: plantar surface of distal phalanx

    B) Flexor Hallucis Longus
  13. This muscles is the largest and most superficial. It is just lateral to the tibial shaft and crosses over tibia tibia to insert medially.
    Insertion: Base of metatarsal #, cuneiform #1 (plantar surface):

    • D) Tibialis Anterior
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  14. This muscles Origin: Fibular Head, and prox. ⅔ of fibular shaft and lateral of epicondyle.

    Insertion: Middle and distal phalanges digits # 2-5
    Action: Extends digits 2-3, Dorsiflexion of the ankle

    A) Extensor Digitorum Longus
  15. Origin: Anterior Fibular shaft, interosseous membrane
    Insertion: Distal Phalanx - Toe # 1
    Action: Extends the great toe, Dorsiflex the ankle

    B) Extensor Hallucis Longus
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