acu quiz 4

  1. All of the following herbs should be added near the end except:
    A) Bo He
    B) Qing Hao
    C) Mu Xiang
    D) Qiang Huo
    Qiang Huo
  2. All of the following herbs are neutral except:A) Wu MeiB) Bai GuoC) Tian MaD) Bai Zi Ren
    Wu Mei
  3. According the California State Law: Every acupuncture office shall be maintained in a clean and sanitarycondition at all time, as shall have what readily accessible?
  4. Which of the following of the formulas without modification should not be used if there is accumulationor stagnation in the Stomach or Intestines?
    Bu Gu Zhi, Wu Zhu Yu, Rou Dou Kou, Wu Wei Zi
  5. What type of tongue would you expect to see in a patient after a cerebral vascular accident?
    A tongue that moves slowly from one side to the other when extended, or moves without stoppingand can only be extended to show a small part of the tongue body.
  6. A patient presents with poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, lassitude, desireto lie down curled up, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools, a tendency to obesity. Theyalso are feeling cold, cold limbs, and edema. Their tongue is pale and wet. Their pulse is deep and weak.What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Spleen Yang Deficiency
  7. A patient presents with yellow urine. They are also pretty constipated. Their eyes are red and distendedand they mention that they have a headache. They appear tense and seem to be easily angered. They alsomention that they have been getting dizzy lately. Their tongue is red tongue with yellow fur and they havea string-taut and rapid pulse. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Ascendant Hyperactivity of Liver Yang
  8. You diagnose a patient with yin deficiency of the lower burner with heat from the deficiency floatingupwards. Which one of the following tongues would they most likely present?
    Sores on the tongue that are concave and painless
  9. A patient presents with jaundice. They have dull-yellow eyes and skin, hypochondrial pain, fullness anddistension, nausea, vomiting, and inability to digest fats. They have dull-yellow sclera, turbid urine, lackof thirst, and a sticky taste. They also have a dull headache and a feeling of heaviness of the body. Theirtongue has a thick sticky white coating that is either bilateral in two strips or unilateral. Their pulse isrolling and string-taut. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Dampness in the Gall Bladder
  10. What may a tongue that is very swollen and somewhat flabby indicate?
    Obstruction of the spirit by phlegm
  11. A patient presents with poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, lassitude, a desireto lie down, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, loose stools, and a tendency to obesity. What do youexpect their tongue and pulse to look like?
    Their tongue is pale and their pulse is deficient.
  12. A patient presents with palpitations, shortness of breath with inability to lie down, depression, mentalrestless, a flustered feeling, a feeling of oppression of the chest, stabbing or pricking pain in the heartregion that comes and goes and may radiate to the upper back or shoulder, pain is aggravated by exposureto cold and alleviated by heat. They have an expectoration of phlegm, a feeling of heaviness, dislike ofspeaking, cold hands, sighing, purple lips, face, and nails. Their tongue is purple on the sides in the chestarea, swollen with a sticky coating. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Heart Vessel Obstructed
  13. You visit one of your patients in the hospital. You are saddened and shocked to see that their lips andtongue are so hot and inflammed that they actually look like they are eroding. They are so thin andemaciated. They smile when they see you, but cannot hear you because they have gone deaf. Their wifetells you that have haven't been able to sleep very well and that they are having really terrible night sweats.They are always throwing the covers off because they are so hot and always so thirsty. Their cheeks arered. From the heart monitor you can see that their heart is pounding. His wife also tells you that he's beenhaving soreness and weakness of the back and knees and can't really walk around because he gets dizzy soeasily. He's also been having bouts of seminal emission. His urine is yellow and he has been constipatedfor about 3 days now. His tongue is red with yellow fur and his pulse is string-taut and rapid. What is thispatient's diagnosis?
    Non-interaction of the Heart and Kidney
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