Dose Form Lab

  1. OSHA
    Occupational Saftey and Health Administration
  2. sensitivy requirement SR
    • the sensitivy of a balance
    • the maximum change in load that will cause a specified change, one subdivision on the index plate, in the position of rest of the indicating element of the balance.
  3. Class 3 (class A) balance
    Prescription balance
  4. What is the SR of prescription balance?
    6mg with no load and with a load of 10g on each pan
  5. what is the maximum capacity of most class 3 prescription balances?
  6. if no information is given, what is the nominal capacity of a prescription balance?
  7. What is the weighing error percent USP directs to avoid?
    5% or greater
  8. what is an aliquot?
    a method of measuring ingredients below the sensitivity of a scale by proportional dilution with inactive ingredient.
  9. What is the least amount the most common electronic prescription balance can read?
    20 mg or 20 times 0.001g
  10. what must be done before weighing using prescription balance?
    level it using leveling screws...release arrest knob from locked position
  11. what organization calls for a SR of 6mg?
    NF national formulary
  12. How can you find percent error?
    sensitivity requirement/ quantity desired
  13. how can you find smallest quantity weighed?
    SR x 100/ permissible percent of error
  14. what are the 3 most important devices in liquid measurement in pharmacy?
    • graduate cylinder
    • pippettes
    • droppers
  15. what device should be used to measure small volumes less than 1.5mL?
    a pipet and pipet filler
  16. what is the parallax effect?
    the apparant displacement of an object that follows a change in the position from which it is viewed, error of parallax could cause measuring errors larger than 5%
  17. what is a geometric dilution?
    mixing ingredients of unequal quantities, where begins with the smallest qunatity and adds an equal quantity of the ingredient having a larger amount, process continues until all ingedients used
  18. what are capsules?
    solid dosage forms in which the drug substances is enclosed in either a hard or soft soluble container of shell of a suitable form of gelatin.
  19. what does the hard gelatin capsule consist of?
    • "dry-filled capsule"
    • two sections,
    • 1.longer end=body 2.slip on cap
    • made of gelatin, FD&C colorants and sometimes opacifying agents titanium oxide.
  20. what are the sizes of hard capsules?
    000 largest to 5 smallest
  21. Punch method
    • powder on paper not greater than 1/3 length of capsule
    • body pressed repeatedly into the powder until filled
    • cap replaced
    • capsule weighed
    • spatula helps push last quantity of material when packed
  22. machine filling
    manual and automatic capsule filling machines can inscrease speed of filling operation
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