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  1.  Aoidoi
    The Greek word aoidos (ἀοιδός) or a"idos (ἀῳδός) referred to a classical Greek singer. In modern Homeric scholarship aoidos is used by some as the technical term for a skilled oral epic poet in the tradition to which the Iliad and Odyssey are believed to belong (compare rhapsode).[1] - Wikipedia -community, or collective, or group-
  2. Oral-
    Formulaic Composition. The theory of oral-formulaic composition originated in the scholarly study of epic poetry, being developed in the second quarter of the twentieth century.
  3.  Homeros 
    Homers greek name 
  4. The million little peices design
    a process the ill kind and oddest underwent n the eighth century that seems to agnowledge oral tradition
  5.  The "Transcription Hypothesis" homer
    Homer could not read or write so he had a scribe do it
  6.  The Greek Dark Ages
    period of history after the trojan war that ended in the 9th century bc. It was a process of refinement of older materials.
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