Sociology - Social Change

  1. Acid Rain
    Rain containing sulfuric and nitric acids (burning fossil fuels release chemicals that react with moisture in the air)
  2. Cultural Lag
    Ogburn's term for human behavior lagging behind technological innovations.
  3. Discovery
    A new way of seeing reality; identified by William Ogburn as one of three processes of social change.
  4. Environmental Sociology
    A specialty within sociology where the focus is on the relationship between human societies and the environment.
  5. Invention
    The combination of existing elements and materials to form new ones; identified by William Ogburn as one of the three processes of social change.
  6. Proactive and Reactive Social Movements
    Proactive - A social movement that promotes some social change; Reactive - A social movement that resists some social change.
  7. Reformative Social Movement
    A social movement that seeks to reform some specific aspects of society.
  8. Social Movement Organization
    An organization to promote the goals of a social movement.
  9. Transformative Social Movement
    A social movement that seeks to change society totally, to transform it.
  10. Alternative Social Movement
    A social movement that seeks to alter only some specific aspects of people.
  11. Dialectical Process
    (of history) each arrangement, or these, contains contradictions, or antitheses, which must be resolved; the new arrangement, or synthesis, contains its own contradictions, and so on.
  12. Global Warming
    An increase in the earth's temperature due to the greenhouse effect.
  13. Redemptive Social Movement
    A social movement that seeks to change people totally, to redeem them.
  14. Resource Mobilization
    A theory that social movements succeed or fail based on their ability to mobilize resources such as time, money, and people's skills.
  15. Sustainable Environment
    A world system that takes into account the limits of the environment, produces enough material goods for everyone's needs, and leaves a hertiage of a sound environment for the next generation.
  16. Corporate Welfare
    The financial incentives (tax breaks, etc.) given to corporations in order to attract them to an area or induce them to remain.
  17. Diffusion
    The spread of invention or a discovery from one are to another; identified by William Ogburn as one of three processes of social change.
  18. Environmental Racism
    Refers to the pollution of our environment affecting minorities and the poor the most.
  19. Greenhouse Effect
    The buildup of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere that allows light to enter but inhibits the release of heat; belived to cause global warming.
  20. Postmodern Society
    Another term for postindustrial society; a chief characteristic is the use of tools that extend human abilities to gather and analyze information, to communicate, and to travel.
  21. Public Opinion
    How people think about some issue.
  22. Social Change
    The alteration of culture and societies over time.
  23. Social Movement
    A large group of people who are organized to promote or resist some social change.
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