Vocab #5

  1. advocate
    a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy
  2. sycophant
    a servile self-seeking flatterer
  3. beguile
    to lead, charm, or enchant by deception
  4. reticence
    the quality of not revealing one thoughts or feelings readily, reserved, showing restraint 
  5. cryptic
    having or seeming to have an ambiguous meaning, secretive
  6. preclude
    to prevent from happening, to make impossible, to rule out in advance
  7. disparage
    to degrade, to regard or represent with little worth, to lower in rank or reputation
  8. mundane
    lacking interest or excitement, dull, ordinary, common place
  9. engender
    to cause to exist or develop
  10. instigate
    to goad, urge forward, bring about, or initiate 
  11. fervor
    intense or passionate feeling or expression
  12. impecunious
    having little or no money, penniless
  13. martyrdom
    death or suffering from adherence to a cause, usually religious
  14. repugnance
    inconsistency, contradictory, incompatibility of ideas or statements
  15. insidious
    proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects, treacherous
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