Sociology - Sexuality

  1. Transgender
    People who disregard traditional ideas of how women and men behave.
  2. Hermaphrodite
    Someon who has sexual parts of both male and female.
  3. Transsexual
    People who feel they are one sex even though biologically they are the other.
  4. Sexual Counterrevolution
    A conservative call for a return of family values and the end of sexual freedom; sexual responsibility.
  5. Queer Theory
    The idea that sexuality is fluent.
  6. Heterosexism
    Institutionalization of heterosexuality as only acceptable form of sexuality.
  7. Sexual Politics
    The link between sexuality and power that is not limited to individual relationships.
  8. Homophobia
    The feer and hatred of gays.
  9. Pornography
    Sexually explicit material that causes sexual arousal.
  10. Compulsory Heterosexuality
    Thought that man and woman are innately attracted to each other emotionally and sexually, and that heterosexuality is normal.
  11. Sexual Revolution
    Made sex a topic of everday discussion.
  12. Conflict Theorist View on Sexuality
    Sexuality is inequality; Men dominate women
  13. Symbolic Interactionist View on Sexuality
    Sexuality is not innate, it is constructed; Developed through social relationships. Sexual identity is developed through exposure to social requirements.
  14. Structural Functionalist View on Sexuality
    Highlight societies need to regulate sexual activity and legitimize heterosexuality; Pays little attention to variety in sexual identity, focuses on traditional values.
  15. Date Rape
    Forced and unwanted sexual relationship by someone known by the victim.
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