Chapter 13 Terms

  1. bribery
    the crime of offering, giving, requesting soliciting, or receiving something of value to influence a decision of a public official
  2. civil contempt
    being held in contempt of court pending the performance of some court-ordered act
  3. commercial bribery
    offering, soliciting, or accepting a benefit or consideration in respect to a business or professional matter
  4. criminal contempt
    punishment imposed by a judge against a person who violates a court order
  5. escape
    unlawfully fleeing to avoid arrest or confinment
  6. indirect contempt
    an act committed outside the presence of the court that insults the court
  7. two-witness rule
    a requirement that to prove a defendant guilty of perjury
  8. sports bribery
    offering anything of value to a participant or official in an amateur or professional athletic contest
  9. resisting arrest
    the crime of obstructing or opposing a police officer making an arrest
  10. perjury
    the crime of making a material false statement under oath
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Chapter 13 Terms
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