history of microorganisms

  1. Who was the first person to identify "cells" they were non living from a cork? What year?
    Robert Hooke, 1665
  2. Who did the experiment with jars with meat in them, covered and uncovered and found that maggots were from flies? And what year?
    Francesco Redi in 1668
  3. Who observed live microorganisms and used a microscope and drew the different things he observed. He called them animalcules.
    Anton Van leeuwenhoek. His work was from 1673-1723
  4. Who boiled broth and then transferred the boiled broth into a flask and then sealed it and microbes still grew? what year?
    John Needham in 1745
  5. who repeaded Needhams experiment but boiled the broth in the same flask and then covered it showing no microbe growth?
    Lazzaro Spallanzani in 1765
  6. Who used material from cowpox lesions to vaccinate against smallpox?
    Edward Jenner in 1796
  7. In what year is "the Germ theory"?
  8. Who showed that silkworm diseease was caused by a fungus?
    Agostino Bassi in 1835
  9. Who advocated handwashing to prevent transmission.? OB fever?
    Ignaz Semmelweis in 1840
  10. Who proposed the concept of biogenesis?
    Virchow in 1858
  11. Who found that silkworm was caused by a protozoan?
    Pasteur in 1865
  12. Who solved the debate over spontaneous and biogenesis? He also invented the flask to keep things sterilized by a s shaped flask.
    Louis Pasteur in 1861
  13. This man was hired by a wine company to find out why the ewine was turning to vinegar
    louis Pasteur
  14. Why would the wine go bad and turn to vinegar?
    It was contaminated by bacteria.
  15. Who came up with the method pasturation to keep from spoiling?
  16. Who discovered bacteria causes anthrax . Also proved specific microbes caused specific disease by using postulates steps.
    Robert Koch in 1876
  17. What is 1857-1914 time frame considered?
    The golden age of microbiology
  18. Who developed synthetic arsenic drug, salvarsan to treat syphillis?
    Paul Erlich in 1910
  19. Who discovered how to make chlorea bacteria less virulent so they could make vaccinations such as rabies and anthrax?
    Pasteur in 1880
  20. When were sulfonamides synthesized?
  21. Who used a chemical disinfectant to prevent surgical wound infections?
    Joseph Lister....Listerine was named after him
  22. Who discovered the first antibiotic known as penicillian?
    Alexander Fleming in 1928
  23. In what year was oenicillian tested and then produced in mass quantities?
  24. Who was considered the father of Biology?
    Anton Von Van leeuwenhoek
  25. The cause of Anthrax was discovered by?
    Robert Koch
  26. Used carbonic Acid to prevent infections during surgical procedures
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