Alexander I

  1. What was alexanders educational upbringing
    he was tutor by catherine II in liberal arts, french language and culture
  2. How did alexander become the tsar of russia
    after his fathers assination. it's thought he was aware of a plot to overthrow but not the killing
  3. alexander I political tendencies were _____
  4. what were his first acts as tsar directed towards
    reverse the acts of his father and restoring

    reversing the acts of his father. restoring piositions of old officials. lifting the ban on trade and travel. relaxed draconian laws and re-banned torture
  5. who were the member of the unofficial comittee
    nicholas hovosiltev, count paul stroganov, count viktor kochuberry, adam czartoryski, tsar alexander
  6. what was the unofficial comittee
    a group to advise alexander. one of the first problems they saught to solve was the immorality of serfdom. but decided nerfing serfing would lead to demise of russia
  7. Who was michael speransky
    a liberal advisor who began to write a document that would change ruissia into a constitutional monarchy
  8. What were the speransky reforms
    to seperate three social classes between gentry, labor and merchant. also to make federal administrative units answerable to the state made of regional legislative assemblies or dummies.
  9. what was the result of the speransky reforms
    it was a radical idea turned down by alexander in favor of autocracy
  10. what were alexanders early foreing policies with europe
    he was allied with them, even with France until he viewed them as a threat
  11. What was the Russo-Persian War about
    1804-13 over russia's annexation of georgia. they also gained dagestan
  12. what is the french invasion of russia also known as
    the patriotic war of 1812
  13. what was the date of frances invasion of russia? how many men marche don russia
    June 24th 1812, 600,000 french men marched on russia
  14. in what battle did russia suffer a major loss
    the battle of smolensk. this forced russia into using scorthed earth tatics
  15. how did russia make french occupation of cities unberable
    they abandoned and burned down houses. they release prisoners and destroyed supplies
  16. What book and musical piece were inspired by the defeat of Napolean
    Tolstoys War and Peace and a 1812 Overture
  17. What was the congress of Vienna
    a party made to redraw europe
  18. What countries made up the forth coalition
    Russia, Prussia, Saxony, Sweden and tyhe UNited Kingdom
  19. Defeats wat which two battles resuloted in major defeats for the fourth coalition
    Battle of Jena-Auerstedt and Battle of Friedland
  20. What was the Holy Alliance
    A religous alliance between Russia and Austria, and later Great Britiain joined. This alliance lasted for twenty years
  21. How was alexander I with policies following the war with france
    His policies were regressive becaquse he really paid no attention
  22. Who was Genreal Alexander Arakchev
    A general Alexander allowed to create military settlements in which combined military service and agricultural production
  23. Who was Prince Alexander Golitsyn
    He tried to impose state-supported religous peity, purging institutions and purgin faculty that threatened his cause. He promoted that the bible was the sole source of knowledge
  24. Why did the Decembrist revolt happen
    Liberal Army officers revolted because of alexanders lack of attention to domestic policies. They believed the only way to bring about change was to overthrown the government and acted after the death of alexander I
  25. What part of russia did the decembrist occupy
    Senat Square
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