ant ch 5

  1. Tree-living existence
  2. Eat all kinds of food,including insects and small animals, as well as fruits,seeds,leaves,and roots.
  3. Most primates have a feature that allows an even more precise and powerful grip
    opposable thumbs
  4. Active during the day
  5. The order Primates is often divided into two suborders
    Prosimians (premonkeys) and the anthropoids
  6. What animals are considered prosimians
    lemurs,lorises,and tarsiers
  7. what animals are anthropoid
    new world monkeys,old world monkey,the lesser apes (gibbons,siamangs) the great apes (orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzess, and humans
  8. What are quadrupeds
    Animals that move on all fours
  9. Using their hind lims alone to push off from one vertical position to another in a mode of locomotion
    vertical clinging and leaping
  10. active during the night
  11. Have rounded braincases;reduced;nonmobile outer ears; and relatively small,flat faces instead of muzzles
    Anthropoids (humans,apes,and monkeys
  12. anthropoid order is divided into two main groups
    platyrrhines and catarrhines
  13. Grasping tail
  14. Cercopithecoids
    Related more closely to humans than to New World monkeys have the same number of teeth as apes and humans.
  15. Terrestrial
  16. Sexual Dimorphism
    the sexes look very different
  17. Hominoid
    • Hylobates (gibbons and siamangs)
    • Pongids (great apes)
    • Humans (hominoid)
  18. Bilophodont patterent
    their molars have two ridges or "loafs" running perpendicular to the cheeks
  19. Diastema
    where the canine sits when the jaws are closed
  20. Brachiators
    their long arms and fingers let them swing hand over hand through the trees.
  21. to support the weight of massive chest,gorillas travel mostly on the ground on all fours in a form of locomotion known
    knuckle walking
  22. a dish-shaped pelvis, a lumbar curve in the spine,straight lower limbs,and arched,nonprehensile feet are related to
  23. center of speech and other higher mental activities
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